Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New L'Oreal nail polishes and the new No7 Lovely Lashes mascara

Hello again, I know its rare for two posts in one day, but when you are on a blogging roll, you may as well just go with the flow.

I thought I would share with you a tiny haul, I did a couple of days ago with the new L'Oreal nail polishes and the new No7 mascara. Now we all know that spring is definitely the season to be donning all those beautiful pastel colours that are all around us. From peaches, to baby blues, to mint greens, these are the shades to be seen in and the beauty world is definitely reflecting this. Most brands are coming out with their own versions of pastel nail polishes and L'Oreal are no exception.

The shades I purchased are #852 Pistachio Drage, a beautiful pale mint,#856 Peach Neglige (gorgeous name) more of a pale pink in my eyes, but who am i to judge, and then lastly #851Nouvelle Vague, a stunning blue/lilac.

The brush is a lot wider than the normal nail polishes and so it is quite possible that you could coat your nails in just one stroke. But I still try to make sure that I do the three strokes across the whole nail bed to ensure maximum coverage.

Here are the three colours up close

I have to say that the blue/lilac shade is totally my favourite, a gorgeous shade and really good coverage, the best out of the three different shades. I really liked the green polish in the bottle but when on the nail, the colour just doesnt come across as very pigmented. It is extremely sheer when you apply it, and so I needed at least 3 coats to get a decent opacity. They are £4.99 each so extremely reasonable on the price front.

Now onto the mascara. No7 really seem to be flooding the market with quite a few new mascaras, this is the 3rd one that I know of in at least the past 18 months (I could be wrong). Some of their mascaras just didn't work for me, but then some were fabulous for example, there was one in a brown tube with a plastic comb (that I normally don't get on with) but it was an amazing mascara, and then they discontinued it (Boo!Hiss!) So overall, they have either been a great hit or a dreadful miss, so when I saw that they had launched another new mascara, I was dubious but being as I had one of the vouchers where I could get £3 off the price of a make up item, I thought I would give it a go.

I will say the packaging is beautiful, and the wand is more of your traditional bristled brush. The mascara is a very wet formula, and so it took a few attempts for me to apply it correctly without ending up getting on my eyelid.On the actual tube of the mascara No 7 state " For glossy natural volume". I can't say I noticed the shade was glossy, for me it was just black, and to be honest I don't think I would want my mascara to be glossy or shiny.  It gives a very natural look to your eyelashes, without adding too much over the top volume or length. So this is perfect for a day to day mascara. So far after using it 3 times I'm liking it, its not my holy grail, but for a basic mascara it fits the bill.

I hope you enjoyed this post, did you like the colours of the nail polish? Have I tempted you with a new mascara, let me know in the comments below.

Love and hugs


  1. Lovely Post! These nail polishes are gorgeous colours, need to get my hands on them next time im around Boots.

    1. They are beautiful, especially the blue one :)

  2. I also purchased 3 of those nail polishes just yesterday. I got the baby blue, the blue lilac and the white one. I love the wide brush, it makes it so easy to apply the polish, like you say in 3 strokes and on the pinky in just one. Oddly they are less expensive over here, I'm always complaining about most products in Spain being more expensive but this one is a happy exception, they retail for only 2.99€.

    1. Wow!! Thats a fabulous price for L'Oreal nail polishes.


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