Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring 2014 Trend: Orange Lips

Hi to all my lovely readers and followers. I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

Today I thought I would talk about one of the trends that was seen a lot on the catwalks of the fashion world a few weeks ago, and the trend is orange lips. Yes, I can hear you all shouting Euurggh, I cant pull that colour off, But I am going to try and show you how you can adapt the trend to make it work for you.

I, myself tend to wear any colour whether I think I can pull it off or not, so I wear bright orange, peach and corals all the time. So even if you think you cant pull of the neon, in your face orange lipstick then you can just soften the look by using lighter versions of the shade. There are many brands that include oranges in their lipstick range and so I'm sure that there will be something to suit everyone.

Below I will list just a few of the orange shades that I have in my collection, that you may already own too.

First on the list is Mac's Morange

This is a very "in your face" orange and I have to outline my lips using a lip liner because this one does have a little tendency to bleed around the lip line. A great way to make this sort of colour last is to apply a coat, then blot with tissue and then re apply.

One tip I will suggest though is not to have any other orange in your face make up as it can be a little over kill, so don't wear any orange shades of blush, or orange shades in your eye shadow. You could wear bright orange nails though to tie the whole look together.

The next orange lip colour is L'Oreal's Caresse Princess Lip Paint.

This is from a fabulous range of lip colour's from L'Oreal. They apply like a gloss with a doe foot applicator, but then look like a lipstick and then after a few hours look like a lip stain as it leaves a definite stain to your lips. These last for ages and look great even after eating or drinking. This colour is very pigmented and applies to the lips very easily.

Next up is Maybelline's Shocking Coral

This lipstick is more corally/peach in colour and will be fine for those who are scared of the bright oranges. The swatch looks pink but I can assure you it is more coral in real life. It applies so smoothly and really feels like you are applying a lip balm because it feels so moisturising.

I am sure this lipstick will tick everyone's list in suitable orange lipsticks to wear. It is such a beautiful subtle colour, that is great for a go to everyday lip look. It is Revlon's Peach.

I bought this Nyx butter lipgloss "Apple Strudel" off Ebay, as everyone had been raving about them, and now I can understand why. It is a beautiful lipgloss and this is definitely a light orange colour, and applies so smoothly, that it is a definite must in everyone's lipstick collection. They are "buttery" smooth to apply, and never go gloopy on the lips.

This is Revlon's Suede lipstick, and I'm very sorry but I'm not sure whether this is still being made as I found this in my Superdrug's clearance section. It is a gorgeous lip colour, but the only downside is that I think the packaging is awful on it, as it is so cheap looking so it tends to be stuck in a drawer as it does not look nice on the top of my dressing table.

And last but not least is a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the shade Rendezvous. I love these as they are just like drawing on your lips with a crayon, but still give great pigmentation and really leave your lips feeling moisturised and not drying in any way.

Well, that's today's post. I really hope you enjoyed it, and that I have inspired you to look through your make up collection and inject a little "orangeness" into your life.

Love and hugs.


  1. I must update my lip collection with some orange, been really craving some coral lips lately. The MAC and L'Oreal ones look fab! :-) Would be interesting to see what Motives have! Great post xx

  2. You should definitely get some orange into your lipstick collection. Let me know what you get xx

  3. i sneakily tried the L'Oreal caresse last year and boy did that make me look more 'alive' and healthy!! perfect to use as a blush on the go too!!

  4. Definitely, dont you just love products that multi task. xx

  5. Ive been trying out new orange lipsticks, trying to a bit braver this spring haha

    Going to try some of the lipsticks youve recommended!


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