Thursday, 13 March 2014

Three Brands, Three Products

Hi everyone!! How are you all, I hope you are all good and had a lovely day.  Today I thought I would do a post that I have seen floating around the Blogosphere for a while, and I thought it would interest all my readers. Its called the Three Brands, Three products. The brands can be either high end or drug store and you can mention any products from those brands that you love.

The three brands I have chosen to talk about are Mac, Urban Decay and Benefit. I love all of these brands, because there products just deliver time after time, and are just great make up producers. The brand I'm going to talk about first is Benefit.

Everything I have tried from Benefit, I have absolutely loved, and consistently use a Benefit product, I would say, every day of the week. The three top products from them, are definitely the Porefessional, it is fantastic at smoothing the skin and getting it ready for foundation to be put on top of it, the Hoola Bronzer, just a beautiful shade to contour the face with and the Hello Flawless foundation, a great foundation that really gives a flawless appearance.

The next brand I want to talk about is Urban Decay.
Ever since I received my Naked 1 palette, I have been all about the more neutral eye shadow shades, and look for these more than the brighter colours that I used to love when I was younger. Urban Decay just make the most beautiful quality, pigmented products and I totally love them.
The Naked 3 palette has only been in my collection for about 3 months, but it is beautiful. The pinks and golds in this are just stunning, and really give the eyes a beautiful shimmer.
This palette is the Naked Basics, and this is the most versatile and trustworthy palette I own. When I cannot decide on what eye look to do, time after time, I return to this and it just gives a natural, quick but beautiful look for a work day.
Now, as you know I'm a lipstick girl through and through, and have always been put off by most lip glosses because I hate the sticky and gloopy feeling they give to the lips, then you get your hair stuck in the gloss if it is a windy day and then a whole streak of gloss is left across your face, and it is so not a good look. But when these lip glosses were released I knew I had to try them, and WOW!! Have they changed my entire viewpoint on lip gloss. They are creamy, pigmented and don't leave you feeling sticky at all.If you feel like I used to about gloss, give these a try and I'm sure they will change your view on them too.

The last brand I'm going to talk about is ...... MAC. Yes, I guess I am that predictable I'm afraid.
Mac eye-shadows are the bees knees I think. I love to create my own palettes with the pro pan refills. I buy a lot of the neutral shades and they are buttery soft to apply and blend so smoothly that it is a pleasure to wear them, and they never crease which is a huge bug bear of mine. I hate it when a shadow creases.
Another popular item from Mac, which I have only just recently begun to collect are their blushes, they are huge in size for the money, and they do some fabulous colours, from your dusky rose to your bright Barbie pinks.
You really just need a light sweep of the brush across your cheeks with the blushes because they are so very pigmented. Just great products.Then,the  last but not least product I am going to rave about is the Mac Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick.

What is there to dislike about this amazingly sexy lipstick. From the seductive red of the packaging to the beautiful red of the lipstick. It flatters every skin tone and looks beautiful on everyone wearing it. I know when I wear this lipstick, I instantly feel like I'm dressed to the nines because it just helps to pull the complete make up look together.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I loved finding my favourite products and writing about them. Let me know in the comments if there are any brands that are your favourites and why.

Love and Hugs


  1. I really love these brands too! I do love Benefit but I found the Hello Flawless foundation broke me out :( but then I do have insanely sensitive skin!
    Would love if you'd have a little look at my blog, follow on bloglovin if you like it and I will follow back! xoxo
    The perks of being a hipster

  2. Oh no! Shame about the Hello Flawless foundation breaking you out. I hate it when foundations do that. I will definitely follow you :) Thanks for reading xx


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