Monday, 21 April 2014

4 of a kind tag post

Hi everybody, I hope you all have had a lovely Easter Sunday. I spent it with Daniel and my family, and we had a lovely roast beef dinner, followed by playing lots of fun board games. Of course, I ate too much chocolate and Daniel still has 16 eggs to eat, so temptation is all around me, so need to be strong and get back on the old diet bandwagon again after seriously falling off it.

Now, onto today's post. I saw this tag on a fellow bloggers page, and thought it was a fantastic idea to do a blog post on. The idea is, is to go through your collection and find items that you have 4 or more of. Me, being a major hoarder I have quite a few ranges with 4 or more in and so I didn't want to make this blog post too lengthy and so had to choose which items to show you.

First up are my Maybelline colour tattoos.
I love these and have many of the colours available. They are fantastic as using as a coloured base to then pop another powder shadow on the top, so that you don;t get any creasing during the day. Or you can just use them as a simple one step colour swept all over the eyelid and it will give you an easy go to daytime look. I have (in the photo above) pomegranate punk,  mossy green, pink gold, and on and on bronze but I have many others too. They are so reasonably priced too and so these are perfect if you are tempted by the Mac paint pots but can't justify the price tag, these are a great alternative.

Next, up are my Essie nail polishes
These polishes are fantastic and I have a whole nail polish rack dedicated to just Essie polishes. They come in a wonderful array of colours and finishes, including glitters and top coats and they are quite reasonably priced for the quality that you get. I work in a very manual job and so my nail polishes do take a good beating on a day to day basis, so by the second day it is time to take the polish off, but sometimes I can even get a third or fourth day wear out of them.

Another firm favourite in my make up collection are my Revlon lip butters

These are great lip products that you can just throw in your handbag and go, as you don't even really need a mirror to apply them, or even a lip liner as I have found they do not bleed from my natural lip line. They are so smooth to apply, and feel very nourishing and moisturising whilst wearing them. So if you suffer with horrible, dry, chapped lips these will be just perfect as they will really help to combat the dryness.The lip butters come in a huge range of colours from natural nudes to bright pops of colour and so there will definitely be a shade to suit everyone.

Another firm favourite are my L'Oreal Infallible eye shadows.

I love it when eye shadows are so pigmented that they are a breeze to apply, and these fit into that category easily. When you touch them they feel like a cream eye shadow as they are so soft and blendable but then they turn to a powdery type finish. They go onto the eyelid like a dream and are really easy to soften the look. I love them and I would really like to invest in some more brown/neutral shades of the range.

Yes, you guessed it, I had to mention my huge range of Yankee candles as I definitely have more than 4 of these in my collection.
I adore these candles and always stock up when QVC have a special offer on them.

Last but not least I wanted to include my Mac lipsticks.

Now, I appreciate these are on the pricier side of the market but, they are just wonderful products. At the moment I am loving the "Morange" lipstick, the last swatch on the right, it is band on trend for the orange lip look. Mac do so many lovely finishes to their lipsticks, mattes, satins, frosts, amplifieds, that I am sure that you would like one of them. But be warned once you own a Mac lipstick, you will be hooked and want more and more.

Well, that is today's post. Let me know in the comments if you do this tag so I can read all your 4's and more.

Until next time, love and hugs.


  1. Aww I really enjoyed reading this post! I think in May I'll write something up similar to this. :)

  2. You should definitely do this post, I will look forward to reading it xx


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