Monday, 14 April 2014

A Random Haul feat, Vaseline, L'Oreal, Soap & Glory etc

I know, I know I said what with my kitchen flooding the other week that I wouldn't be hauling for a while, well to be fair we all knew there wasn't a realistic chance that that was going to happen, I love shopping too much and as these weren't that expensive I figured that it wouldn't hurt the old bank balance.

I had been eyeing up this Vaseline Spray and Go for a while now as the customers kept saying how brilliant it was, so it had to definitely find a way into my shopping basket, it smells delicious too, so can't wait to use it but for now it can pop into the drawer with all my other hundreds of body lotions and creams that are lurking in the depths.
This has only recently come onto the market, and you all know how I love my foundation and skin to look extremely matte and so this should really help in the hopefully upcoming summer months, that's if Mother Nature decides to ever let the weather go warmer.
Yes, I know I don't really get on with BB creams all that well but I decided that I have to give every brand a try before deciding that I definitely don't need them in my collection. This one has been out for ages, but I have only just recently got round to hauling it, so will give this a try and then if it doesn't work out then I definitely know for sure that BB creams and me just don't mix well.

I had a voucher that said I could get 300 points on my Boots advantage card if I bought a Soap And Glory product, well, I didn't need any more persuasion I just had to buy something didn't I??? That something was the Soap And Glory Solar Powder, as I have tried most of the Bathing products and I definitely wanted to try out something from their cosmetics line, and this looked perfect.

The lighter colour definitely has not swatched well, but the deeper shade is lovely and will be great for giving my skin a lovely glow.

My last purchase was one that I had not intended on getting but it was at the till and looked lonely and so I just thought I may as well put it in my basket as it needed a home lol.

I have heard a few people talking about these and how good they are for the skin, so I definitely will be reviewing them here on my blog so watch this space :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if ever you would like me to review anything for you just leave me a tweet or a comment and I will happily do so. Until next time,

Love and Hugs


  1. I think you're allowed to treat yourself after having to deal with your kitchen flooding.
    BB Creams and I don't get along either so I've given up hope. Hopefully there's a brand out there who will make a BB cream to suit people like us.

    Raise The Waves

    1. I hope so. I keep hoping that each different BB Cream I try will be better than the last but no joy so far. Thankyou for reading and commenting xx

  2. Your haul looks awesome, that Soap & Glory looks gorgeous! :)

    1. The soap and glory Solar Powder is a fantastic product, love it already. xx

  3. It is beautiful. Thankyou for reading and commenting xx


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