Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blogger Challenge 2014 : A week/day in photos

Hi everyone. As most of you will know I'm taking part in the Blogger 2014 challenge, where you are set a different topic every fortnight and you have to blog all about that particular topic. This weeks challenge is to post photos of your day or week so far, so here goes, I thought I would blog about a normal day in the week.
First, every morning it is a real rush as I have to get myself up, showered and dressed for work, and then wake Daniel up, get him dressed, give him his usual breakfast of a cereal, that he likes, either Cocoa Pops, Rice Krispies or Weetabix and then rush off to catch the bus to go to school. He likes to get there early so that he can play with all his little friends.
Here is a picture of me and Daniel in the school playground.

Another picture of the playground.
Then its a rush to the bus stop to get the bus to work.
Once in work I do a 4 hour shift, serving customers, putting delivery out, tidying up the make up stands, answering customer queries and working the tills.

Me on the tills :)
Then at 2pm, its a rush back onto the bus to head back to the school to pick Daniel up and see how his day has been. Once home it is all housework, washing, ironing, cleaning the bathroom, vaccuuming and then preparing the tea. I decided to do Spaghetti Bolognese with the help of my partner as I really cant cook very well.

Then after tea, its Daniel's bath/shower time, depending on what he fancies that day
Once, he is showered it is time to relax and chill after a very eventful and tiring day.

I hope you enjoyed this very different post from me, but it is just a little insight into my day to day working life.

Love and Hugs

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