Thursday, 17 April 2014

Do I really need a make up setting spray???

Hello everybody. Hope you are having a good week so far. Today I thought I would talk about make up setting sprays and whether they are an important part of your make up collection.

For many years I did not use them and thought they were just a waste of money and time, and wouldn't even consider having one in my possession but how wrong could I be!! When I finally succumbed to temptation  I first started out with a sample size of the Mac Fix as I did not want to waste too much of my money I something I would hardly ever use.
But after using this product once I had applied my make up and finished my whole routine, I found it was an absolutely brilliant product at sealing my make up, getting rid of any cakey or obvious "powder" marks and just helped to seal the whole look. I have found that I just have to use this every time I apply make up. I don't just own the Mac one though I now own the Urban Decay "de slick" setting spray and this helps to mattify my very oily T zone that I suffer constantly with.

You can also use them to give your eye shadows a more intense look, by spraying your eye shadow brush with a little of the setting spray it helps brighten the pigment and helps your shadows to "pop" more. Also, if you wanted you can use a few spritzes throughout your make up routine just to help your products to adhere more to your skin. Also, they last for ages, even the travel size of the Mac Fix + lasted me a good 3 or 4 months, using it every day!!!

But don't be put off by thinking maybe that Mac and Urban Decay are out of your price range, Elf do a setting spray that you can get online, and Im thinking of purchasing one of theirs myself to see if their setting spray is as good as the 2 I have tried. I'm sure if you hunted around on the wonderful world of the web, there will be other setting sprays available.

I definitely think every person who wears make up should have a setting spray in their cosmetics bag, they are well worth the price, for a totally sealed in make up look.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you use a setting spray that I have not mentioned.

Till next time, love and hugs


  1. I've always wondered the same thing - always seemed like something extra and unnecessary. I'd quite like to try one I just hope it wouldn't irritate my skin!

    Have a great day :) Saida xx

    1. You should definitely try it, just try and buy either a travel size or a cheap drugstore version and hopefully you wont lose out too much if it does irritate you skin xx

  2. I agree! I lovveee setting spray. I started out using Urban Decay, but found it to be a bit expensive. I now use an ELF brand one which is $3 at Target. I feel it to be a must in my cosmetic bag!


    1. I definitely agree with you, setting spray is vital for my whole make up look xx

  3. I just bought a cheap setting spray from MUA and I absolutely love it! It was only £5 and it does the job perfectly :)

  4. Oooh bargain alert, i will have to keep on the lookout for that one, I had no idea, that MUA did a make up setting spray. Thankyou for letting me know xx


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