Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I own an Hourglass product.... FINALLY

Hi everybody!!! I am so excited to bring you this post. To me, two of the highest acclaimed make up brands are Tom Ford and Hourglass and so I was very lucky to receive a Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Pink for Xmas off my partner, and it holds pride of place on my dressing table. But Hourglass products are like gold dust and for months last year I tried desperately to get my hands on an Hourglass ambient lighting powder, even the ambient lighting powder palette. But to no avail, every time I saw one on Ebay I was either outbid in the last dying seconds of the auction, or the price was too astronomically high to start off with.

I saw everyone raving about these special powders on YouTube and I so wanted/want one still. But the pesky things are so hard to get, but one day I hope to own one and it will be a fantastic achievement to have one in my collection.

So when I saw Hourglass had released some ambient lighting blushes, I was so excited, everytime someone spoke about them, I watched closely and loved looking at the beautiful mix of the blush infused with the powder, and every colour just looked so pretty and so ME.

Again, I tried and tried on Ebay and I just kept getting outbid, and I was getting very frustrated, and so gave up on the hunt, but then last week I received an email to say that I had received a second chance at winning the blush in Ethereal Glow, and I now have the said blush in my possession. It is beautiful, from the gorgeous packaging to the most beautiful coloured blush, I'm totally in love with it.

The packaging is beautiful, and such a gorgeous mirrored finish, the only problem is that it does show up every single fingerprint, so I have to keep wiping the prints off but that is only a little flaw.
Ethereal Glow is a dusky pink and is a very light pink blush which can be built up, but gives just a delicate flush to the cheeks and it is the most perfect spring blush colour. As you can probably see from the picture when you sweep your brush across the blush, you do get a slight bit of fall out but that happens with most powder products and so it does not bother me, but I know a lot of beauty lovers do not like it when there is fallout from a product.
I paid £32 for this blush, and for me it was money well spent as I know this is a treasured part of my collection. I will keep up on my hunt for the other Hourglass products and I will update you if I manage to get my hands on those coveted powders. Do you own any Hourglass products? Let me know in the comments below. I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will speak to you all very soon.

Love and Hugs.


  1. that's gorgeous on!
    xx, Jodi

  2. It is. Thankyou for reading and commenting xx


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