Sunday, 11 May 2014

April 2014 Empties

Hey everyone.I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, just resting and relaxing. I am desperately behind on all my blog work, so I am trying to catch up and get some blogs today.

As you may know I am trying to really reduce my collection down to just make up that I regularly use and not just buy any old thing, this includes all my shampoos and conditioners and shower gels that I have lots of. Once they are finished and empty, I just place them in a bag in my wardrobe until it is the end of the month and time to do my monthly empties blog post.

Yay!! I finished a perfume up and it is the DKNY perfume (not sure of the exact name) think it could have been DKNY night, I'm not sure but it has taken me years to finish this and I am so glad I have as I can move onto other perfumes that are sitting in a drawer not being used. This was a gorgeous sweet perfume, and really made me feel beautiful wearing it.

The L'Oreal Elvive range of shampoos and conditioners are some of my very favourite to use as they really clean my hair well, and leave my hair feeling soft and shiny. Once I have finished the other shampoos and conditioners in my collection I would definitely be purchasing these again.
Oh, how I love a little Soap and Glory!! Well, this was not a little as this lasted me months, I got this around Xmas last year and I have been using it off and on since then. The pump dispenser is brill because it allows you to use just the right amount on your sponge, and it froths up and really moisturises your body as you are using it. I have already begun to use another of the Soap And Glory shower gels, and I totally recommend them.
This was another shower gels, that I have finished up. It was a beautifully smelling shower gel, and really left your skin smelling and feeling beautiful. The Original Source shower gels are often on offer and so are a great bargain buy for when you don't have much cash to spend on a shower gel.
I cannot clean my teeth without using a mouthwash after as I really helps fight plaque and keeps your mouth feeling clean and fresh. The Listerine mouthwash I particularly have loved using it as I do have sensitive areas on my teeth and this has really stopped me having any pain whilst eating or drinking. It is a more expensive mouthwash but I feel it is worth the extra because of the great protection it gives me.
I have been wearing my hair tied back in a bun a lot for this month and so to achieve the sleek look, that I like I do tend to use a lot of hairspray and so managed to get through a travel size and a full size of my favourite Elnett hairspray.
I had totally forgotten that I had this sample of moisturiser in my collection. There was only enough for 1 use out of the sachet, but it was really nice and creamy to apply to the skin. It really felt like a luxury when I was applying it. I would purchase it in the full size, but it is VERY expensive so it will have to wait until I have a little more cash available.
No surprise here, but a toothpaste is included in last months empties. This is one of my favourite toothpastes that I buy.
This hand lotion I received in one of my Glossyboxes, and wasn't expecting much from it, but oh my word it was gorgeous. It smelled like you were just rubbing pure chocolate into your hands. It sank into the skin straight away and did not leave a greasy residue which I hate from a hand cream.
I love, love, love this deodorant. It is a little on the expensive side but it does do its job brilliantly. It keeps you from smelling nasty and stops you from sweating too, so it definitely is a deodorant I would recommend. For the next month I am trying out a different roll on deodorant from the Pound shop too see what they are like, but if I don't like it I will definitely go back to this Sure one.
I finished up this cleansing lotion from Time Delay ( a Boots own brand). It was okay and did an okay job at removing my make up, but it did sting my eyes a little, and so I don't think I will be repurchasing this one any time soon, as I love my Garnier Micellar water, and my Cetaphyl cleanser more.
Last, but not least is my Elvive hair oil. I used this many times and it lasted me 10 months and so this was a fab product for a good price. It really helped me keep the ends of my hair looking neat and tidy, and was great if I had any frizz as it helped to keep my hair looking straight and sleek when I used my GHD's.

Well, that is it for my April empties. I think I am doing quite well, at using my collection of beauty things up and I have really cut down my impulse purchases. I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you have used any of these products and whether you enjoyed using them too.

Till next time,


  1. Love a bit of Soap and Glory!


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