Monday, 5 May 2014

April 2014 Favourites

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely day. Today I thought I would tell you all about the products that I have been loving for the past month. I have really been a creature of habit this month and rarely worn anything different other than what I will be showing you, as I'm trying to really be more conscious of using the make up that I already have and not buying any new stuff until my old things are gone.

Shampoo and conditioner wise I have loved the VO5 range, which really cleans your hair well and doesn't leave it tangly or knotty in any way. I have had these in my collection for a while and so really wanted to use them up and get rid of them.

For shower gel, I have been using a L'Occitane mini and it is lovely really smells fresh and citrussy, it really wakes you up in the morning. I would purchase a bigger size but they are so very expensive, that I just cant justify spending that kind of money (£15+) on a shower gel, when I'm trying to watch my budget.
I have really been loving Bourjois and their make up this month, I recently reviewed their eye shadow trio, and I love it for the pink/rosey shades and I have been loving their 1,2,3, foundation too. It is a more natural looking foundation but it blends seamlessly and really gives my skin an airbrushed look without looking cakey or too made up.
Now apart from the Bourjois trio, I have brought out from the back of my chest of drawers, a Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio that I have had for years and years and so really worked hard these past few weeks to try and really use this product up. It is still a lovely trio and is called "Walking On Eggshells" and does look really battered and bruised ( or should we call it well loved,lol). The white shade is very shimmery so can look a little too much if you go a little heavy handed, the peach shade is lovely on the lid, and I'm happy to report that I have now hit pan on this colour, whoop whoop!!!! The brown is perfect to use as a liner or just to deepen the colour on your outer V.
What a mess, I know, well at least you can tell I use it.

The blush I have been using all month is Twinkle Pink by Elf. It is so very pigmented, you only need a tiny amount on your brush, I use the Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply it and it goes on perfectly, and I have now hit pan on this too. Really successful month in using things up!!!

I have been using two eye shadow bases this month, I have been alternating between Maybelline's Tough as taupe if I have been looking for a more smokey look to the shadow or the neutral Elf eyelid primer (which I love so much).

For mascara, this little tube has been lasting me forever, and it is brilliant.. I don't think it is ever going to dry up, and it is the Lancome Hypnose. All the writing has rubbed off it, so you know I have been using the heck out of it and it just keeps on going.

Perfume wise, I have fallen back in love with Britney Spear's Fantasy. Its such a sweet smell, and lasts all day. Its one of those perfumes that I am constantly being asked what fragrance I am wearing and people are so shocked when I tell them its a Britney Spears Perfume.
As you can see from the photo, I don't think it will be long before I have finished this perfume too.It's such a good feeling when you know you have used the product all up that you have spent all your hard earned cash on.

Last but not least is my lip colour for the month of April, and it is a Laura Geller lip gloss in the shade Cafe Au  Lait. I love her lip products, they are pigmented, and long lasting just perfect for when I am at work.
Well, that was my April favourites. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below, what your favourite products for April have been.

Till next time,


  1. the shade of the elf blush looks lovely!! :)

    xx Vivi

  2. It is beautiful. It does crumble very easily though, so you have to be very light handed. xx


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