Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bloggers Do Trends Better

Hi everybody. Today's post I thought I would write about current trends in fashion and beauty. I know some people dont like trends as they come and go quickly, but some do tend to stick around for quite a while.

As you can see from the photo above, bright neon nails are everywhere this spring and summer, and most drugstore brands have some colours that would probably catch your eye. I'm not a huge green or yellow nail lover so I picked up these bright neon pinks and orange from Models Own and they just fit perfectly in with the trend.

Another trend that was seen a lot on the fashion catwalks was sleek straight hair, and this can be done using hair straighteners to achieve that glossy straight finish. I own a pair of GHD's and wear my hair straight a lot and so for once i am bang on trend. Its not often that I can say I am trendy but in this case I'm right up there :)

There is a trend that I didn't know about until I was doing my research for this blog, and this is for thick black eyeliner with your make up look. I do like a strong black liner along my lower lashes and so for this, at the moment I have been using this Bourjois Kohl Kajal. I am not sure if this is readily available any more as I know my store has stopped selling it, but I am sure you may still be able to get it off sites say like Ebay or Amazon.

But the trend that has been going around for a few months now is a bold, bright statement lip colour, esoecially the bright reds and neon oranges that the models on the catwalks have been rocking. I love Maybelline's Shocking Coral for this or Mac's Morange lipstick. Both are vivid and vibrant looks but they really are perfect for these warmer spring and summer months.

I really hope you have enjoyed this post and found it informative, and that it has given you some tips for what to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Till next time,

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