Thursday, 22 May 2014

Glossybox May 2014

Hi everyone. Most of you out in the beauty community will know already that Superdrug have been celebrating the fantastic news that they have reached the grand old age of 50. This has been an amazing event where a lot of the beauty brands have redesigned a product that they normally sell, in a way so that they can help Superdrug celebrate with a limited edition packaging or product.

Glossybox have also joined in in the celebrations, with a specially designed box, and bright pink tissue paper protecting the products. Its really beautiful, and i love the design.
It comes with the normal booklet and leaflet. Inside this months little booklet it has an interview with a make up artist, a look back through 50 years of Superdrug, and a peek into how beauty has evolved through time. It also gives you a list of the top 5 essential products that you will need for Summer.
Then when I opened the tissue paper and saw what was in this months box, I think I squealed out loud. The products were FANTASTIC!!!
First up, I already love the Vaseline Spray and go body lotion. It is a beautiful easy product to use. You just spray, quickly rub in and it just melts into the skin like a dream, and the smell, well, it is gorgeous. If you like the smell of chocolate, then you will love this. Plus, it is a full size product. Fantastic!!!
Next up is a sample of a new Ghost perfume that I had not even heard of. It is called Ghost Eclipse. It is sweet, and citrussy smelling and is a beautiful smell. I have already put it on my wishlist for Xmas. If you like Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue, you will love this.

It says on the leaflet that it is fruity/floral, but I dont agree with that at all. But, nevertheless it is still a beautiful perfume that lasted a good 4/5 hours where people were asking me what I was wearing.

Next out of the box was another full size product, and I had been wanting to try this for a good few weeks but because I had put myself on a no buy, I refrained from getting it and that is the new Max Factor face primer.
I was so pleased to get this.

Then, I saw that there was an eye liner from the brand GOSH. I dont own a lot of things from this brand so I was pleased to get this in my Glossybox. I had the colour "Blueberry Ice" and it is a gorgeous lilac/silvery/blue shade and I cant wait to see if I can make some really pretty summery looks with it.
Next to get pulled out of the box, is a product that I do already own, but it is good to get back ups of products that you know you love as you already use them and that is the cult favourite Maybelline Great lash Mascara. I love this mascara, as it really gives you those False Lash look lashes and the trick I have found is not to let the coats dry in between each one. Just keep layering the mascara until you get the desired look. I find three coats gives really great volume and definition, and does not clump too which is another added bonus.
Now a brand that I have never tried is Superdrug's own brand B. I have seen it on the shelves but never felt inclined enough to purchase anything and so to recieve a lipstick in the box from this brand was great. That's what I love about Glossybox so much is that you get to try brands and discover products that you may not have tried before.

The shade I got was "Flamingo" and it is a soft pink/coral shade which is just perfect for this time of year. As you can see from the swatch it isnt a full coverage lipstick but is quite sheer in its opacity but really leaves your lips feeling very moisturised with just a delicate flush of colour. Really impressed with this and may even purchase other colours in the range as it just feels so lovely whilst wearing it.

Then the last thing in the box is a sachet of the Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion. To be fair when I saw this and saw the word "oil", I thought oh no, because I don't tend to like oils. But this is for the body and NOT for the face and so I'm going to test it out and just see whether I like it or not.
This box is a definite HIT and I am so impressed with all the products. If you have been on the fence about ordering from Glossybox, I so would recommend them highly as the value for money is just phenomenal. Great job Glossybox!!

Till next time,

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