Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Losing a Furbaby.

Hi everyone. I am sorry that I have been gone for nearly a week now, but I have a very sad reason why I just have not wanted to blog, and that is that our beloved dog Cyrus passed away very suddenly. It was such a shock as he only became ill on the Wednesday evening, and then died on the Thursday evening.

Cyrus was such a character. He was a King Rottweiller, and when I first met him I was a little intimidated and worried but I really needn't have as he was such a gentle animal, and was so protective over me and Daniel. He really knew when we needed looking after and would sit by our bedroom door every evening as if to protect us. My partner is really hurting at the moment as Cyrus was his dog and used to refer to him as his "little chihuahua".

It destroyed me to have to tell the children that Cyrus had gone, and did not know how to comfort them and to make everything better again as Daniel said "he just wanted to say goodbye to him". Only time will reduce the pain and hurt we are feeling at the moment but our memories of the too short a time with him will stay forever.

Cyrus, I will love and miss you forever and will miss having to tell you off for lying on the settee. You were one of a kind and I am so lucky to have had some really special and beautiful memories with you. Rest peacefully, sweet boy and will see you again one day.

Till next time,


  1. I miss my boy so much thank you baby he will always be in our hearts

  2. So sorry to hear this. Sending you all huge hugs xx


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