Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sudocrem review

* this was a PR sample sent to me. I am not being paid or rewarded to do this post.

Hi every one. I hope you are all well. I have really been in a low mood lately, and have not wanted to blog as I felt that I just could not do any post justice as I just could not seem to lift my head out of the grey clouds. But today, feeling a little better and thought I would talk about a product that I was very kindly sent, and had never really thought about as including in my beauty routine.

I have used this product continuously for 2 weeks and although at first I was not sure how I could use it, as I had always assumed (wrongly) that it was only a product that you used on babies and toddlers when they had a nappy rash or a dribble rash on their chin.

It is a very soothing cream and really helps the source of any irritation or pain on the skin and both me and my son have been using it. I have been using it on my elbows, knees and feet as they have been very rough and dry so have been using just a tiny amount and it has definitely helped soften those areas. On my feet I have been applying a little bit on my heels, and then putting some cotton socks on and going to bed, and then when I have got up in the morning they were definitely feeling a little softer.

Daniel had fallen over and grazed his knee whilst playing football in the garden, and so I just put a little dot of the Sudocrem on the graze and it really helped Daniel forget that he had hurt his knee as it had healed so quickly as compared to when I had not put anything on his previous cuts and grazes that he had suffered with.

For a little tube, I really thought that it wouldn't last very long but because the cream is so very thick, you only need a little spot of it each time you use it and then you just spread it across the area you want it on.
It just shows how wrong you can be about a product and how you just assume that there is only one way to use a product. At first it was a little difficult to squeeze the cream out of the tube, but once I started using it regularly, then the tube became easier and easier to squeeze the product from.

Sudocrem can be bought in this 30 gram tube and it also comes in two larger size tubs too, so if this size is not enough for you and your family, then the bigger tubs might just be perfect. It can be found in the baby and childrens medicines aisles in your local drugstores.

I truly recommend Sudocrem for everyone, and it would be a great addition to any beauty/medicine cupboard. I hope you have enjoyed this post/review. Let me know in the comments if you have used Sudocrem and whether you would add this to your beauty/healthcare collection.

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