Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Meal at the Handmade Burger Company

Last Saturday, after having a little session of window shopping ( yes, I was good in not purchasing anything), I was really hungry and so whilst walking around, me and my partner decided to pay a visit to the Handmade Burger Company, as we had never been there before and had seen rave reviews online. We got there pretty early, and there was only us waiting to be seated. My first impression of the place was that it was very clean and tidy and I looked forward to trying out their food.
A waitress came to seat us, and she was very friendly and welcoming, really made us feel at ease. The only drawback to the restaurant was that you could sit outside if you wanted, but it was too cold for me to want to do that, and to get to the main part of the restaurant you have to go down quite a lot of stairs and so, this was a little negative as because I suffer from arthritis, walking downstairs can be a little troublesome. Nut I made it down and the restaurant looked just as nice downstairs as it did upstairs. The waitress explained how to order as we had never been there before, and explained her favourites from the menu.

I am only a very small eater and so I ordered a child's classic cheeseburger, and my partner had Jimmy's farm Bacon burger, and a side portion of chips. For drinks, we both wanted milkshakes and so we had one strawberry, and one butterscotch. My partner went up to the bar, and ordered and we had to put a number on our table to show where we were seated when our food arrived.
I was super impressed with the milkshakes when they came, they were in huge silver cups and they were freezing cold.
See the ice on the outside of the cup. I had the strawberry milkshake, and you could really taste the fresh strawberries inside the milkshake. It was stone cold and so lovely, really refreshing. We only had to wait 10 minutes for the food, so it came really quickly.
This was my burger, and it was really delicious. Even though it was a child's burger I did struggle to eat it all. The roll was made out of sourdough bread, and even though I had never tried it before, I found it really tasty, and would definitely eat it again. The burger was just so nice and was a lot better than other burgers I had tried from other burgers.
This was my partners burger and it was huge, and the chips were gorgeous. Really tasty, and you got loads for the price. The burgers were that big, that I had to use a knife and fork to eat mine. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was really relaxing and we were made to feel so at ease, and the waitress really was nice and chatty.

For the price we paid, and the gorgeous food, I would highly recommend the Handmade burger Company, such a nice place to eat, and I would definitely go back.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know if you have been to the Handmade Burger company and what meals you have enjoyed there.

Love and hugs,

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