Sunday, 15 June 2014

An evening with Motives Cosmetics.

Last week, I was very lucky to be invited with a number of other bloggers to attend a little get together to talk about and get to know more about Motives Cosmetics. It was hosted by the lovely Kirsty Lo,
and the other girls that were there with me were Louise  +Louise KinderHealthandBeauty and Mish +MishMreow  . It was so nice to be with girls that I had met before and so took some of my nerves and shyness away. We had all met at a previous get together back in March.

Motives Cosmetics was created by Loren Ridinger, and it is an award winning range of beauty products. It is exclusively online and unlike many other cosmetics companies, they have no physical stores and don't advertise their products. Their popularity has risen because of people talking about how amazing the Motives products are and through word of mouth. Kim Kardashian is just one of the many famous celebrities who adore this brand.

Now onto the make up and Wow!! Was I surprised at how lovely all the products were. From foundations, to blushers, to primers, to nail polishes, all are included in the range, and if you are a nude lover or a bright colours gal, there is something for everyone. As many of you will have noticed, I'm not a good computer whizz kid and so my photos are very basic but hopefully, you will be able to appreciate what good quality products they are.
First, I noticed the blushers and there were 6 shades to be able to look at. But this one in Pretty In Pink, really caught my eye. Such a beautiful shade, and when applied to the skin feels velvety smooth and is just pigmented enough to give a really pretty flush to the cheeks. I also noticed that the packaging of the products is really good quality, elegant looking ( has a Mac type of feel to it). and sturdy enough that you could just throw it into your handbag without worrying that it was going to fall apart and get smashed with things falling onto it.  The blushes are £10 each!!! Which I was astounded at, I was under the impression that all the products were going to be so highly expensive, but £10 for a blush is like the equivalent of drugstore prices, which is fantastic because when you are on a budget (like me), the prices wont be an issue.

There was also a really beautiful blush/bronzer duo, which had such a gorgeous pattern embossed into it, that I just know that I will have to add this to my collection in the future.

This product is £17.50!!! I know, crazy prices, and this product would be fab if you are travelling as it's 2 products in one item, therefore giving you extra room for more make up to take.

This lipstick called Magenta, is beautiful and so pigmented. I think every girl would suit this lipstick as it just compliments your skin tone so well.
See how there are just so many colours to choose from, I especially love the pinks and the bright reds. The lip liners were really nice and did not drag at the skin, just applied very creamily and soft. There was a fantastic brow palette too, which had a light powder, a dark powder and a wax to set the powder.
I don't wear false eyelashes as I just can't get the hang of applying them correctly, but they had such a huge range of them, and they are all made from human hair. So for all of you false eyelash lovers out there, I am sure Motives has a pair that you would love.
Another factor that I was pleased to hear was that the range is hypoallergenic and so won't aggravate anyone with sensitive skin. Also, the foundations and skin products wont clog pores and lead to extra breakouts, as we all know how awful it is for you, when you really love a product but then have to stop using it due to it aggravating your skin's natural balance.

The foundations came in both cream finishes or powder finishes and they had a good shade selection, so every skin tone is catered for. The Motives liquid mineral foundation is a full coverage product and at £20.25  is very competitive to prices on the High Street.

The face primer is another lovely product and really helps to hide any redness or discolouration you may have to your skin and has the newest technology within it to really help to ensure that the products that you use on top, really give you a flawless finish to your look.
Eye shadows, eye shadows, eye shadows!!! What can I say! I love them and I can never have too many. My collection is at nearly 700 and still growing, and looking at the Motives range of colours, I think I will be adding some of them to my collection too. Mattes, shimmers, cream shadow, you name it Motives has it, I just loved how pigmented they were when they were applied, and blended out beautifully, so that there were no harsh lines.
Look at that beautiful Cranberry shade in the middle, I know I'm going to be getting that one. Another colour that I loved was "Onyx" which was a matte black and so really gives you an easy option when trying to create a good smoky eye look.
I had heard a lot about the Motives setting sprays, from beauty gurus on YouTube, and other beauty bloggers. They are fantastic at helping to control oil, which I desperately need, because of my oily/combination skin. They help to stop your makeup and shadows from creasing during the day and all types of skin can use it. So even if you have the dryest of skin types , you would still be able to reap the benefits of using this product.

Another product that I am guilty of buying too many of are nail polishes, and Motives has this area covered too. You can get creams, shimmers, glitters and they come in all the colours of the rainbow. The polishes are all high shine and a gorgeous shade that is bang on trend for this Spring/Summer season is " I Love To Coral". Such a pretty peach/orange shade and would look amazing on fingers or toenails.
I had a fantastic night with Kirsty and the other bloggers and really now appreciate what a great brand Motives is. If you do decide to pop along to the Motives website, and purchase something, another great plus is that there is no delivery charge, and you can get next day delivery if you order before 12pm the previous day. All in all I would highly recommend you paying a visit to the website, and just seeing if something takes your fancy, I know you would not regret it.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you have purchased something from Motives Cosmetics in the past.

Till next time,

* I am not being paid or asked to do this post.  All opinions are my own .


  1. Have not heard about this brand, not even of Motives setting sprays, but the products look really pretty!
    Will definitely try them out when I have the chance! ^^

  2. You should definitely give them a go. Fantastic products, I was really impressed and even more so with the really reasonable prices.


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