Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bloggers Do Summer Better

In this post, I thought I would write all about the things you would need in Summer. In my head it came out like Olaf the Snowman was singing "IN SUMMEERRRRRR!!!!", lol.

In the UK we have very little summer sunshine but the days that we do these are just some of the products you could use to make the sun and heat more bearable. First up of course is an SPF to protect your face and body from burning too much. This is also essential if you have any children that want to go out to play too. Even if the day seems cloudy and there doesn't seem too much sunshine, I still just put a little on as I think it is much better to be protected than wearing no SPF at all.
This is supposed to be for children, as you can see from the label on the bottle, that it is Daniel's but I still use it as well.

Another good way to enjoy the sun of Summer without getting too hot is to wear a hat and my favourite one to wear is one that is from my favourite place in the world, New York. It is just so practical for those days when the sun and heat get a little too much.
In the sunshine it is really hard to keep your make up in one place when the heat and humidity is really testing out the longevity of it, and so I have found that Mac's Fix Plus is great for just trying to keep that make up in one place for a little longer. It is also a great refresher when you just feel like you need to cool down, and so just a quick spritz of this, can help you stay comfortable.
Your lips can really be vulnerable and at risk when in the summer heat and so a good way to keep them supple and not chapped is to apply a good lip balm to moisturise them. I have been using the Maybelline original Baby Lips to keep my lips looking their best.
When out and about on Summer days , I like to try and keep my eye look quite natural and simple with just a subtle shimmer on the lids, and an eye shadow palette that is just fantastic for this is the Too Faced Natural eyes palette.

Look at all those shimmery shades, they are really pretty, but don't leave a lot of big glitter particles on your cheek, which is important when trying to recreate a pretty summery look.

Another important factor when perhaps on the beach or going swimming is to incorporate a waterproof mascara into your routine so that you don't end up with panda eyes, which is not a good look. I dont own any waterproof mascaras, but I know that Maybelline The Rocket do a really good waterproof mascara and it is very popular with my customers at the shop.
When you have caught a little more sun than we should have, your skin can feel very sore, and tight and hot to the touch and so a good moisturising body lotion is essential, in giving the skin some cooling relief and can make wearing clothes on the affected areas a little more bearable. A perfect lotion for this is the Vaseline spray on moisture lotion. Because it is such a fine mist and such a watery product it is easy to rub in without dragging at the skin and making the sunburn hurt much worse than it already did.
I hope this post helps you in deciding what products to buy in preparation for the wonderful months of Summer.

Till next time,


  1. Baby lips is definitely my go-to product for all year round - so handy!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    1. They are really great and for a reasonable price too. xx

  2. I love it! especially in SUMMER! like Olaf says hehe :)


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