Sunday, 29 June 2014

June 2014 Empties

Hi everyone. I can't believe we are halfway through the year already, soon it will be Christmas (oh no, I better get saving). This month yet again, I have really been trying hard to finish half opened products and getting rid of them, so that I can use the millions of other products I have waiting to be used in my stash. I love it when you get that feeling of accomplishment when you use a whole product up and the excitement of using a brand new product that you have never tried before.

I wore my hair up in a bun for a lot of the month, as it is easier to manage, and I have to wear it neat for my job. To get that sleek look, I use a lot of hairspray and this Tresemme hairspray is really becoming my go to hairspray. I love the Elnett one too, but the Tresemme is a fantastic hairspray and I would definitely repurchase this. It doesn't leave your hair crispy or crunchy like some sprays can do.
I love these stick anti perspirants as they really make you feel dry and comfortable. They really last a long time too, and so they are great for the price, as you normally have to pay a little more for these stick products.

I think I have been a little conditioner happy this month. I love to use conditioner as it really helps to keep my hair tangle free and gives a lovely shine to my hair. I coloured my hair again this month and so using this colour conditioner from the box of hair colourant, I believe helps to keep some of the dye on my hair longer.

Dental products have been another area I have been working on. I have had a couple of dental appointments in the past few weeks, so have really been trying to work hard on keeping my mouth and teeth super clean. Although my dentist says that mouthwash doesn't really do anything as it is not long lasting, and flossing is far more important.

The Radox bubble bath is what my son had been using, as he loves a lot of bubbles when he has a bath. The Original Source shower scrub was so lovely, and really felt luxurious even though they only cost a £1. The sachet mint shower gel I received in a magazine and this was a fantastic morning shower gel. Really wakes you up and gets you ready for the day. I will definitely be repurchasing some more of this range.

I'm really pleased with how well I'm doing in using up my perfumes. The Ghost Eclipse  I received as a sample inside one of my Glossyboxes. It is beautiful, and I highly recommend you trying it, as I loved it, and once I have used up my millions of other perfumes, I will be getting a large bottle of this. I was sad when I finished this Lady Million as it is such a nice perfume, and it is great to wear during the day for work.

YES!!! I have finally used up 2 facial moisturisers. As you may know, I'm really not good at using my skincare products, and at the beginning of the year I vowed to use my skincare products regularly, but this has not been happening. So, I'm going to try better in the next half of the year and use some more moisturisers up. The sachet moisturiser I either received in a Glossybox or on my Bloggers meet up, back in March.

Make up is very hard to use up, as I like to try and vary what products I use all the time, but lately, I have stuck to a few products all the time,and this is how I have begun to use some cosmetic products all the way to the end.

To be honest, the Almay mascara I used only a few times but it dried up so quickly and didn't really do much for my lashes, so I wont be repurchasing that one, and the Max Factor one was okay, but the tube is so big and bulky, that I found I couldn't really get close to my lashes very well.
I was sad when I finished the Maybelline Fit Me concealer as it is so good at covering up all the dark circles that I suffer from. I would definitely go out and buy this again.
Last of all, I finished a Bare Minerals lipstick in Fly High. It was a blue based pink which is my favourite shade to wear. It is a very soft lipstick and so you have to be very careful when you use it, as it is easy to break it. I loved this lipstick and so hopefully next week I will be able to go out and repurchase it again.

So, how do you think I have done this month? Let me know in the comments below, and tell me whether you get that huge sense of satisfaction when you use a product completely up.

Love and Hugs

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