Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May 2014 favourites

Hey everyone, hope you are all okay. For some reason I thought I had already done this post, but it had vanished so I am posting it today. Well, today it is absolutely chucking it down with rain and so not very June like weather unfortunately, more like November weather. As well as some of my favourite beauty products, I thought I would post some of my non beauty faves too.
As well as every person on the planet I am obsessed with the film "Frozen". I love Olaf the snowman, he is just so funny. I love Disney films, and this one does not disappoint. If you have not been able to see it yet, I highly recommend that you do at some point as I am sure you will definitely enjoy it.

Other non beauty faves that I love to use together are my Kindle and having a cup of Peppermint herbal tea to settle down with. I have recently fell back in love with my Kindle as I had not really been using it a lot, but since I had joined a book club on Twitter I have been reading like a real little book worm. I love Peppermint tea, it is so nice and really refreshes you. I am trying to cut out coffee a little bit as I know how bad for me it is and so Herbal Tea has really been my saviour.

There are lots of different flavours of Herbal Tea, and Green tea and Lemon, and Cinnamon are just some of my faves that I have found.

Now onto my beauty favourites. I recently found a beautiful nail polish shade from Barry M in the shade Pomegranate. I have painted my toenails in it and it is just such a gorgeous summer shade. My toes would look lovely in my Gladiator sandals when and if the sun decides to show its lovely face.
Another fabulous product I have been loving is my Bourjois bronzer, to try and make my face as if it has been in the sun, when really it has only been in the wind and rain.
My foundation that I just cant seem to stop using is the reliable and trusted L'Oreal True Match Foundation. It just gives my skin a flawless airbrushed look, and keeps it matte for a good whole, which is what I need with my troublesome oily skin.
For eye shadow, I have been on an orange/copper/brown sort of kick and the palette that I just kept pulling out and using is the Maybelline big eyes palette, that was released about 3 or 4 months ago. I love to use the orange on the lid and then deepening the outer V and the crease with the deep brown shade.
I have really been working through my mascara collection, and the latest one that I really love is the Miss Manga mascara by L'Oreal. Some people don't like the flexible wand, but I really like it, and the mascara really makes my lashes nice and black as well as giving them length and volume. Also, I love the sleek, pink and black packaging to it.
I really hope you have enjoyed my May favourites and let me know in the comments what your beauty loves have been in the past month.

Love and Hugs.


  1. Replies
    1. Its beautiful, and just so perfect for this time of year. xx

  2. I absolutely love Frozen and Miss Manga is one of my favourite mascaras :)

    Shelley from Shelley Hearts xo


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