Monday, 9 June 2014

My Mac Blush collection

As most of you are probably aware, I am a sucker for all things Mac. I love the brand, the products and the packaging, its just fabulous and at a reasonable price point too. I have a lot of Mac items but the one thing I don't have many of are the Mac blushes. I think it is because I am a sucker for eye shadows and lipsticks and so don't tend to look at the blushes so much, but I thought I would show you the 4 that I own. Those are Immortal Flower, Peaches, Breath Of Plum and Azalea In The Afternoon. They retail for £18.00 each.

This blush is a peachy pink shade and very, very pale. For me I can use this blush as a highlighter as well as a blush. Don't you just love multi use products?

I think this blush nearly every beauty blogger raves about. It is simply beautiful and gives such amazing pay off when applied to the cheeks.I use the Real Techniques stippling brush, to all all these blushes and they just blend like a dream.

This is my favourite blush out of the 4 shown. It is only a recent discovery for me, and it is the pigmentation that really is the WOW factor of this blush. It is just the most perfect pink, and just really gives that me that lovely flush of colour, and has really been a favourite product over the past Spring months.

Breath Of Plum has some real red tones to it, and so I wore this a few times last Autumn, and it really looked lovely. That is the thing with the Mac blushes, because the colour is so rich and saturated, you really only have to gently tap your brush into the blusher and you have plenty of product to work with. Also, another great factor is that you hardly get any fallout and so you never waste any product, unlike other cheaper blushers I have used. The blushers are so much bigger than other blushers too, and so you just know that they will last you for ages.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you have any Mac blushes that I don't own that you think I might like. I'm always on the hunt for fabulous new products.

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  1. I love the look of peaches! Such a stunning colour. Nice collection :) xx


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