Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Purple Nail Polish Collection

Hi everyone. Wow! I have been putting off this post for so long, but I have got so much accomplished today, I thought I would tackle this blog. Today has been so lovely, spent the morning watching Daniel at his Sports Day. Then got both gardens tidied up and sorted, cleaned out the fish tank, cooked tea and tidied round and helped Daniel with some homework. I am shattered now though,lol.

As you know, I do have quite a huge nail polish collection and I thought that over the next upcoming weeks, I would sort of do an inventory of my collection and break it down into colours. In going through my collection, I have had a good sort out, and threw some that were really old, and looked as if they had gone off, and found other polishes that I had forgotten that I had.

I will show you the polishes in order from lightest to darkest. First up is L'Oreal's Nouvelle Vague #851

As you can see it is very pale lilac cream formula, almost bordering on pale blue. It is quite sheer so you have to layer the coats, but as long as you apply the coats thinly, the polish does look very pretty.

Next is Barry M's Blueberry

I love the Gelly Hi shine polishes, because they are exactly that, You really don't need to apply a top coat over the top of them as they are just so glossy on their own. This is called Blueberry but it definitely is more purple based than blue. The first layer is quite sheer, but on the second coat, it is almost opaque. They truly are fantastic polishes.

Another range from Barry M are the Silk nail polishes, and they are just pure beauty in a bottle. This purple shade is called Heather

This is a very light purple with a definite hint of pink to it. The polish goes on so smoothly to the nail and just applies like a dream. They have fantastic consistency, no bubbling when applying it, or lumps appearing. I highly recommend Barry M's polishes, they are beautiful.

I bet you thought I had forgotten my Essie polishes, no way no chance, they are by far my favourite brand of polishes, and this one is no exception and is called Full Steam Ahead. This is a lot deeper in shade than the others, and is a little more opaque when applied.

Max Factor have some beautiful shades to their range and I really like this pretty mini in Ultra Violet. Definitely has reddish/pink undertones running through it. They have all the colours of the rainbow in their nail polish range but this one really stood out to me on the shelf, and I have loved the colour every time I have worn it.

I used to love OPI polishes a few years back but they just seem to go off so quickly. I store them in a box with a lid on top and not in the sun, but every time I go to use one the colour has separated and no matter how many times I shake the bottle they are no good. But the next 3 are polishes that have managed to stay okay, and I am so glad they have because they are beautiful. This shade is DS Extravagance and is a deep purple with gold shimmer running through it. It is so pretty when it hits the sunshine it looks even more beautiful.

I love this OPI nail polish called "Purple with a Purpose. It is a beautiful vivid purple and has such a reflective sheen to it, oh, it is so pretty and has to be my top favourite out of all of these purple polishes. I have worn this shade on many occasions and had so many compliments on it.

Another OPI purple polish, with a very strange name. I think they should win an award for the nail polish brand with the weirdest names. This one is called "Funkey Dunkey". How they came up with that one I will never know!! It is a very dark purple polish, with no glitter or shimmer running through it. With this polish you could even get away with just the one coat if you wanted to as it is so opaque.

Last but not least, is a purple crackle effects polish from Barry M. Now these were all the rage a few years back, and I collected as many colours as I could find, black, blue, pink, white, you name it I had it, and this one I still have in my collection. I like to paint it over some of the lighter colours for a greater contrast, e/g baby pinks, whites and creams.

I apologise for the swatches on the paper, but I need to get more nail wheels as my last lot are all used up.

Well, that's my purple nail polish collection. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you have any purple polishes that you think I need to add to my collection.

Till next time,

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  1. Man, you do have a lot of nail polishes! I am looking forwards to seeing your future posts with other colours as well :D I think the colour I have the most of would have to be reds, even though I feel like I don't wear them too often xD But this is an awesome collection. Purple is a lovely colour <3

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