Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Our little holiday in Brean

"Look Mommy, look look!!" was Daniel's excited voice when we managed to get him onto the beach.

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Last week, I managed to get a rare break away from work, and with my parents took Daniel down to Brean, a seaside resort near the Southern coast of Wales. He was so excited and could not wait to get onto the beach and start building sandcastles and looking for seashells and the like.

It was such a lovely week, getting time to spend with Daniel and my parents and luckily the weather was not too bad, a little cold, and the rain only came on the evenings and so we were able to go out places and treat Daniel to ice creams and all nice goodies.

There were donkeys on the beach too, but I think Daniel was a little afraid to go on them and so kept happily digging away trying to find "Roman Stuff" as he called it.Unfortunately he didn't manage to go in the sea as the tide was always out, and you weren't allowed to go too near the shoreline as there was a lot of sinking sand.The beach patrol kept giving out alerts to not wander too far down the beach, but of course there are always people who ignore the advice and go wandering away.They soon came back when the beach patrol were shouting at them,lol.
One day we went on a trip to a place called Wookey Hole, and it is basically a lot of caves underground where supposedly a Witch once lived and it is all really nice and lit up with coloured lights and you get told all the history of the place. I found it so interesting, and on the actual site there is a Dinosaur land, and a Fairy Grotto. Daniel loved the dinosaur statues, but was not so impressed with the statues of the fairies. Here are just a few photos

The scenery around Wookey Hole, is just so beautiful and picturesque. We really do have some gorgeous countryside here in the UK.
Isn't the roof of this hotel at Wookey Hole, so cute?!?

Well, that was just a little snippet of my little break away. I hope you enjoyed my previous posts that I had scheduled for whilst I was away, and now I will get back to blogging away and reading all your comments on my previous posts.

Till next time,

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