Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Mac, Makeup Forever, and Collection Haul

Just look at those beautiful colours aren't they just so pretty. When Mac sent me the email to say their newest collection was out. I knew I just had to try and get some of them before they sold out. I was so lucky that 4 of the shadows were still in stock, but the green shades had sold out. BOO!!! Don't you just hate that, when you have your eye on something and it has already gone.

Mac's latest collection is called Moody Blooms, and this is totally reflected in the colours chosen for each of the shades. I also wanted a pink lipstick but that had sold out too. Here is a closer look at the 4 shadows and the blusher that has made it's way into my make up collection.

This pink blusher, Bred For Beauty is a hot, vibrant pink which happens to look pretty scary in the actual pan but when swatched you can really make it a lot more sheer or build the colour up to how you like it. It is a gorgeous colour and perfect for this warm, sunny weather.

This colour of shadow is very deceptive. In the pan, you think it is going to be a deep purple, but it really isn't. It is a lilac pink tone and does take a little effort to build the colour up, so if you like your eye shadow to be just a gentle wash of colour, then this shade "Blooming Mad" is perfect.This was the one colour that I was a little let down by, if I am totally honest.

I love Artistic Licence. It is a copper orange shimmer eye shadow, and really catches the light beautifully. Sometimes when you are swatching eye shadows there are just those colours that really make you catch your breath and make you go "WOW" and this was one of those colours. It really enhances brown eyes and just looks simply stunning. I totally recommend this colour to everyone to try and get, its beautiful.

Next up are the darker colours in the range

Yet again this was another shade that shocked me. It is so very pigmented, and would look great used as an eye liner shade or even to use as part of a dark brown smoky look. It does lean a little to the more terracotta shade of brown and so using this with orange shadows or peach would really look pretty too.

The last eye shadow I managed to get hold of was Hidden Motive

This looks a deep purple in the pan, but it is much lighter with a little shimmer of Cranberry tones showing through. It is a pretty colour and would look so pretty in Autumn looks with the red and purple tones. Also, you could use this blended into the crease if doing a light pink shade all across the eyelid. It is a really versatile shade. In fact all the colours I chose really will come in useful for so many looks.

Also, last week, I managed to get myself a Makeup Forever foundation, which I know I have bought way too dark unfortunately (trials and tribulations of internet shopping), but hopefully with a light powder over the top it may look okay., fingers crossed anyway.

I love the fact that this foundation comes with a pump. I truly love my Estee Lauder Double Wear but the only downside to that foundation is that there is no pump, and I inevitably, every time I try to tip some onto the back of my hand, use too much and end up wasting a lot.

I also, had to stock back up on my collection concealer as my last one had run out and I was missing one of my staples, and so went out and got myself another one.

Right, well, that was last weeks shopping. I think I managed to get myself some really pretty eye shadows and a gorgeous blush. Have you treated yourself to any of the Moody Blooms collection? Let me know in the comments, what you have managed to get.

Till next time,

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