Thursday, 31 July 2014

July 2014 Empties

Wow!! How fast did July fly by. It feels like only yesterday I was talking about June's empties. This past month I have really been trying to focus on using products in my stash and trying (emphasis on the word "trying") not to purchase too many new things.It is so hard for me, with all the new products being launched, that the compulsive shopper in me just screams out "Buy, buy,buy". The one area I have really improved is my perfume collection. I am really going working my stash, and this month have used up not just 1, but 2 perfumes. That is unheard of for me, and it it has pleased me that I am really knuckling down on that area.

The two perfumes are Alien by Thierry Mugler and Lady Gaga's Fame. They were both really beautiful, and I loved wearing them, but there are so many new perfumes coming onto the market at the moment, that at Xmas, when my partner normally buys me Alien, I am going to ask for something completely different, so that I can vary what I wear.

Finished off 2 shampoos, which was good. But,I let myself down when I had a momentary blip and purchased 2 more when I knew I already had lots in my collection that I could have used up. But, never mind, that just shows that I need to show more restraint, and work hard at walking past offers and bargains. They are never a bargain if you do not need them!!!

Dental hygiene is very important to me, and so go through toothpaste and mouthwash like it is going out of fashion. I loved the Colgate mouthwash and toothpaste, and would definitely repurchase and have done on many occasions. But, the mouthwash from Tesco, really did not impress me all that much, and I really don't feel that it helped keep my mouth and teeth feeling any cleaner or fresher.
I love this Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser, and have already started on my back up of it, as I love it that much. It is just the ease of use, that just really wows me. In the mornings I do not have much time when getting ready to go to work, so I need products that are going to work quickly and this does. You just spray it on the areas you want moisturised and rub it in, and Wham!you are done and ready to get dressed. It is such a fine mist that is sprayed and just gets blended into the skin straight away, so that you can get dressed straight after, without the worry of not being able to get into your clothes as they are sticking to the lotion. Another plus to it, is the smell. It is lovely, a cocoa/chocolate smell, and really lingers enough to make the whole room smell nice.
This shaving gel was from Poundland, and it was okay. I think it was designed for men as it was quite a masculine fragrance, but it did the job and helped me to shave my legs easier and without cutting so yes, I would repurchase but only if there weren't others that i would prefer.
I finally finished this No7 melting gel cleanser. I feel like I have been using this product for years,lol. It is a fabulous cleanser, and really worked well, with the brush that I bought in conjunction with it. It is a little like the Clarisonic brush, but much cheaper and from No7. It really got rid of the stubborn make up and was really gentle on the skin too, and made it feel beautifully soft and clean.
This shower gel, I have had for years stuffed in the back of a drawer. I found it a few weeks back and decided that I really wanted to use it up. I had been given it as part of a set I had received for Xmas, and had forgotten about it. The brand was made in conjunction with Dannii Minogue, but I think they have stopped making it now. Yep, thats how long I have had it. It was pleasant to use and bubbled up nicely but because it was only small, it only lasted 4 or 5 days and it was all gone.

Yay!! At last, I have used up completely 2 make up items. The Lancome mini mascara had lasted me for months and months, and it was a fantastic mascara. It gave me great volume and length to my lashes, but then came off easily at the end of the day when I was removing my make up. The Creme Puff I had worked my way through and used every last scrap of powder in there. It is a fantastic product at keeping my oily T Zone looking matte throughout my working day, and although it has been around for donkeys years, and all the old dears come into my store to buy it over and over, I can honestly see why they do. It is brilliant.
I think this was included in the goody bag at the very first Bloggers Meet I went to, back in March. It is a 24 hour brightening cream, and I got a good 2 days worth of use out of this little sachet. I don't feel that it brightened my skin, but it really helped moisturise and I really like products that give a good feeling to my skin.

Well, that is all of my empties for this month. How have you been doing at working your beauty collection and using things up?' Let me know in the comments if you have been doing well, or even if you haven't managed one thing. We can all motivate one another to keep trying.

Till next time,


  1. At the moment I'm trying to work through my Perfume stash, I must have like 20 bottles and i only use the same one! xo

  2. I am sure you will do it. I really need to get my collection down, I have about the same number as you.xx


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