Saturday, 19 July 2014

July 2014 Glossybox

I was so excited when I learnt that the July 2014 edition of the Glossybox was to be themed around brands from the USA. Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely adore anything to do with America, and so I waited with baited breath to see the brands that I would receive. In my mind I was imagining things from NYX and Wet n Wild, as those brands are so hard to come by here in the UK. Unfortunately, when I opened the box I was a little disappointed as none of those brands were in there and they were brands and companies I had never heard of.

I know that it is nice to get things and try things from unheard of brands, but I was still let down, and this box is a little bit of a fail for me as I was so excited beforehand. Now onto the box itself, and it's contents.
As usual, you get the little leaflet,  telling you about the box and products, and I liked the fact that the tissue paper and shredded tissue that the products were packaged in continued the theme of the red and blue and white of the American flag.

This was the one product that I loved out of the box. It is from Bellapierre Cosmetics and is a beautiful coloured lipstick in the shade Mandarina. I love the WOW factor from the red/orange tones and is just gorgeous. It applies smoothly, and does not drag on the lips. It contains vitamins C and E and so you know that it is healthy for your lips too. It retails for £20 which on it's own covers the price of the box in itself, so every other product in there is free really.

I love a good eye shadow primer as it helps to keep your shadows crease free all day. As my eye lids are naturally very oily, I have to wear a primer otherwise my shadows just melt away and I'm left with no colour by dinnertime.It comes with a doe foot applicator, and is quite a creamy shade in colour. A primer also helps to even the skin tone  and reduce any redness, on your eyes so the colour that you put on is true and vibrant.
I was disappointed when I saw this product was included, as we sell this in the store I work in and so can easily obtain this at any time. I know it has a cult following, but to me it just isn't a WOW product that i just have to have in my collection.

I love this colour of nail polish, and on reading the leaflet, this colour was made especially for the Glossybox, so this will be a very exciting addition to my nail polish wardrobe. Also, it is a fairly unique colour and so I don't have anything near this shade already which is a bonus. Because i have that many polishes, sometimes I find many dupes of the same colour, but this on a one off.

Last of all was a detoxifying mud masque by Pur Minerals.

I'm looking forward to trying this mud masque out. It contains salicylic acid which is good for spot prone skin, which at the moment, my skin is for some unknown reason. But, this masque you can buy easily at Marks And Spencers, so how is that American?!?

So, unfortunately this months box was a bit of a disappointment. Here's to hoping August's will be better.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review of July's Glossybox. Let me know in the comments, if you received this box, and what you thought of it.

Love and Hugs


  1. I got my very first Glossybox this month and got mostly the same products as you. I liked my box apart from the lipstick colour - orange is not for me! Rach x

  2. Hopefully soon you will get a lipstick which is more your colour. I will keep my fingers crossed for you x


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