Friday, 15 August 2014

Head And Shoulders Shampoo: The Review

Now, everyone who knows me knows that I will try any product that is out on the market, especially any new ones. But when there are new products coming out and being launched all the time, then some of the older products that have been around for years and years just get left on the shelf to gather dust. I decided when I saw this new fragrance of the Head And Shoulders range and that it was a 2 in 1 product, meaning that I wouldn't need a separate conditioner, then I put it in my basket and wanted to give it a go as I have not used this brand in years.

Head And Shoulders are a brand that most people know they can rely on and trust if you are having scalp issues, or suffering from dandruff. Why people get embarrassed about that, I don't know, everyone suffers from it at some point in their lives. But I just wanted to try the new fragrance out as I love anything apple scented, and it does smell delicious. It is a huge bottle, and you get 400mls for £4.99. Which is great value for money in my book.

The bottle is plastic, so you can wipe it over if it gets a little mucky in the shower.

The dispenser part is just a flip lid and a hole for the product to come out of. It is very easy to get the product out of the bottle too, which is important for me, as with arthritis in my hands, I cannot use bottles that are difficult to get the product out of. The actual shampoo is a pale blue in colour and as soon as you add water to it, it lathers up beautifully.

Now I have been using this product for about 2 or 3 weeks, and at first it worked beautifully, really got my hair clean, gave it a nice shine and really helped to make my hair look healthy and in good condition. But, over the past week, I have noticed that it has been leaving my hair, a little limp, and dull, and by my centre parting, the roots there felt all gunky, as if there was product residue in my hair, and really made it look greasy. I tried different things to change this, I used hardly any shampoo, that didn't work, I tried using a separate conditioner that didn't work, I tried rinsing my hair for ages, that didn't work. So unfortunately I have had to give up on it, and move onto another shampoo.

I don't know whether you are only supposed to use it sporadically and use different shampoos between using the Head And Shoulders, maybe that would work. I will give that a go in a couple of weeks time to see how my hair reacts to it then. It is disappointing because I really liked how my hair looked and felt when I first started using it, and wanted to give it a product rave review, but unfortunately it is only a half like result I'm afraid.

Let me know in the comments if you use Head And Shoulders and what your thoughts on it are.

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  1. My thoughts on Head & Shoulders are completely negative! I used to use this for years thinking it was the only thing that actually ridded me of dandruff, but I have since learnt.

    This is probably the worst shampoo to buy, it strips your hair which whilst can be good for getting rid of dandruff, it also gets rid of all your hairs natural and good oils too. This strips your hair so much that people use it to strip out hair colour. That really does say something about it.

    Since discontinuing using this my hair has improved so much. It's thicker and looks healthier, plus it grows quicker now.

    I don't recommend anyone to use this and I know all hairdressers feel the same too.

  2. I have now given this to my dad, as he uses Head and Shoulders all the time, and loves the stuff lol. Mind you, he has not got much hair for it to work on, lol. xx


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