Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Importance of Building Your Confidence

Now, I have been a very bad blogger. Back in July, I went to a Bloggers Meet arranged by Jess (Dungarees and Donuts) and Katrina (Beautrina) and it has took me until now to get around to writing a blog all about it. It has been one of those things where you keep saying, I will do that tomorrow, and then the same the next day until now it has been 3 weeks and I'm only just blogging about it. Bad blogger :(

Well, we all met up in town, and went for a wander round the shops, then some of the bloggers carried on shopping whilst others (including myself) went for a drink in Burger King. It was lovely though just to have a sit down and have a chat with people I normally only talk to through the power of the internet. I am a very shy person and suffer with my nerves and so it takes a lot of courage for me to go ahead and meet people I have never met before. But it just shows how things are so much easier than you at first think, and how in your head you think you can't do something when in reality if you face your fears head on, they are smaller than you could ever think. By overcoming my fears, I made new friends and developed my confidence in speaking to people I had hardly met before.

At 4pm we headed to Lush and I decided to buy more bath bombs for my little boy who loves watching them swirl around the bath and see the different colours they change into. Then, I did a little more damage to my bank balance in The Body Shop and at 6pm we went to Pizza Hut, where we all sat down, ate some lovely food, and we had a talk with Becky from Harlequin Cosmetics, showing us all of her home made shower gels, and body lotions and she spoke about how all the ingredients used are all natural and no nasty chemicals are added. I purchased a body lotion and it smells lovely. I cant wait to purchase more from that range, you should definitely check Harlequin Cosmetics out.

I was so shocked and lucky because the goody bags (there were 2!!!!) that Jess and Katrina had got for us were rammed to the top with lots of different things. I loved everything in there, and now I will post some photos of the different things we received.

You know how I love to change my nail polish all the time, so false nails are always great to receive. The nail art set is amazing to receive as I'm not very adventurous with my nails and maybe this will push me to be a little more daring, and bring out my artistic side (if I have one)
Brushes are fab to receive, as I love to see which brushes are good and which are not so good.
I don't own any statement necklaces and so this is great to have in my jewellery collection.

MUA is always a brand I need to look into more, as I don't tend to buy much of their make up so, to get a primer, eye crayon, blush and a lip crayon is lovely as I can try them all out, and review them all for you. They are very inexpensive and so would be a fantastic bonus if I find that the pigmentation and staying power is good.
I will enjoy using these foot files and they will help my feet look their best in my summer shoes.
Mmm, what girl would say no to chocolate???
An essential in any girls collection is sun tan lotion. It is not good to put your self at risk by not wearing sun screen.
This will come in very handy soon, as I am running out of my normal shaving lotion. I have never actually tried a shave butter before and so this will be great to review.

I received 2 lipsticks. The playboy one is such a pretty colour. Reminds me a little of Mac's Ruby Woo or Rimmel's Kate lipstick in 01.
This is the body butter that I purchased off Becky. I will post a review of this very soon.

With self tan, I have always been very wary as I am sure that I would apply it streakily, and I would look like a real hot mess. But the other girls at the meet up really recommended Cocoa Brown as one of the best self tans on the market, so when I have plucked up a little more courage, I might try and use it.

You know how I love the Body Shop products, and so these were fantastic to receive. I cannot wait to start using them. I am really loving body scrubs at the moment.
My mom has used Lipcote for years and swears by the stuff. I last used it long ago, and so it will be good to try and use and review it for you all.

Eye shadows are my weakness as you will already know, and so to get a whole palette is lovely and the colours look just right for me, especially all those warm tones in the top row.

Don't you think we received some great things? I know I do and I am eternally grateful for Jess and Katrina inviting me to tag along. See, if I hadn't gone along, I would not have made so many new and lovely friends, it is so important to to try and step outside your comfort zone sometimes.

Till next time,


  1. I love Stylfile I use it all the time! It looks like you got some really great products from the meet up :) xx

    1. We did have some great things. We were very lucky xx

  2. Sounds like such a great time! I
    Wish there were more bloggers in north Florida. Love all the goodies u got!!!!

    1. It was a fab time. You should try to arrange your own meet up, there might be more bloggers in that area than you think xx


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