Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A'Hauling we will go, feat. Mac, Illamasqua, Charlotte Tilbury and Max Factor

I'm sorry I have not been posting as regularly as I should have, I have been having some serious issues with my laptop and so now, my flash player has broken and I cannot access Twitter at all, just only on my phone. I tried to write a blog last night and I could not even get my laptop to turn on at all, so I am keeping my fingers toes, and everything else that can be crossed that I can get this post written and posted before it gives up the ghost on me again.

As you can see from the picture above, I have been doing a little bit of shopping, and this was about 3 weeks ago and so some of the products have been well loved since I purchased them.

These were the 2 Illamasqua products that I have spoke about in a previous post. I love the Rose Pout lipstick and have worn it almost constantly since I purchased it. For me it is just the perfect nude lip, and I think everyone should own this shade, and the blush is just such a pretty glittery pink.
After hearing many rave reviews about the Mc lip liner in Subculture, I finally caved and decided to purchase it. I really like it and really is a pretty warm pink/terracotta shade.

A repurchase whilst I was at the Mac counter had to be my Creme Cup lipstick. I had purchased it twice before and both times it had snapped off its base, but this time I am determined to look after it a little better as I just love the look it gives to my lips.

A brand that I don't seem to purchase much from anymore has to be Max Factor, I used to love them ages ago, for their mascaras were fantastic, but I never really fancied anything else, until they launched their new lipgloss collection. They are beautiful shimmery nudes, all with a hint of a colour to them, some are beige coloured, some are pink, some are sand, the list goes on and on.

I chose the peach shade, and it is beautiful. I did try to do a swatch of it but it just would not come out on the picture, but when you apply it either just on it's own or over the top of a lipstick or liner, it really gives the lips such a pretty sheen and sparkle, that it is a must buy in my book.

My last purchases were some of my favourites, and it is with the amazing brand Charlotte Tilbury. She can do no wrong in my eyes, her eye shadows are pigmented to the max, her lipsticks and beachsticks just glide on with no dragging of the skin, which is important to me. But this time, I bought a brush and a lip liner.

I purchased the powder and sculpt brush, and the bristles are just so lovely and soft, that it truly is a pleasure to use, and the lip liner is called Pillow Talk, and it is a beautiful nude pink shade. I really think I have a thing for nude pink lips at the moment.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about this little haul, let me know in the comments what products you have been purchasing lately.

Love and hugs


  1. I like the color of that Mac lipstick.

  2. I love all the shades of these products! I need to try them Max Factor lipglosses and I really NEED to try Charlotte Tlbury products! :) xx

    1. They are all really lovely. Charlotte Tilbury I think is THE brand to look out for, some phenomenal products

  3. Ooo lots of peaches and pinks! :D

  4. Love all these lip products!
    The colours are to die for.
    I think subculture would look lovely all over the lips with a hint of gloss as a pretty nude lip!



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