Wednesday, 24 September 2014

#Bhmbloggermeet 2014

As a beauty blogger, I have been so lucky to attend a few of these blogger meet ups, and this one I was invited to by the lovely Abbigayle at We had received our invites a few weeks before, and the run up to the big event, I was so excited, but nervous at the same time.It was held at The Slug and Lettuce in Brindley Place in Birmingham, and it was a lovely area to hold the meet up in.

I met up with some of the other girls before the event and we had a walk around some of the stores, and then slowly made our way up to the venue. Once inside, the area where the meet was to be held, was decorated really beautifully with pink and white roses, and cupcakes that had #bhmbloggermeet spelled out on the icing.
Doesn't it look beautiful?

Once all the girls arrived, Abbigayle got straight down to business and spoke to us about what she had planned for the 2 hour meet up. We were all allocated a name badge and on that badge had a symbol, e.g a ring, or a teacup, or a square. We had to one at a time, say our name and then Abbigayle asked us a certain question depending on what our symbol was. I was fine, until she said my name, and my mind went totally blank and I couldn't think of a suitable answer to the question. Duh!! Trust me, my moment of fame and I stuffed it up,lol.

Then we all got to pick our goody bags,and they were totally amazing. In there were lots of lovely things, and an fantastic binder that Abbigayle had made all herself to help us keep on track with our blogs and information sheets to fill in to keep records and things. This is a god send to me, and will totally be helpful for me in trying to promote my blog even more. We then had to instagram our picture holding the binder. Yet again, my nerves came into play and I could not take a good picture and so asked the lovely Laura, who was sat next to me, if she could help me.
Another competition we had to take part in was we had to find a quote or saying to promote our blogs, and include the cupcake in it. My quote was
                       "cupcakes + makeup = the perfect day"
We then could instagram the picture and the quote that Abbigayle thought was the best would win a  prize. Luckily enough, we were able to eat the cakes after, and oh my days, they were delicious.

After this, we had a talk about Motives Cosmetics from the lovely Kirsty Lo, she brought some gorgeous samples for us to look at and test and one of them was an eyeshadow palette, that I totally fell in love with, and once I get enough money that will so be on my shopping list.
Look at that red shade, that is amazing for this time of year!!!

Then we had a tutorial from 2 girls from the Central School Of Make up, who showed us how to apply eyeliner correctly and tips and tricks to help us along the way, which was totally needed by me, as I am useless at eyeliner.
We then all took part in a Bloggers Trivia Quiz, and I was useless getting only 4 out of the 7 questions right. Two more games were played and it was food time. We had a lovely buffet, chicken, and chips, and hamburgers, and kebabs. It was delicious. I had such a lovely time at the blog meet, and have made loads of new friends and developed a little more confidence in being in a big group  of people.

Now onto the goody bags. This part will be photo heavy, as I wanted to show the amazing things we received from the wonderful companies who helped to enable the meet to take place.
The lovely canvas bag, the goodies came in.
The fantastic binder that is really going to help me meet my blog goals.
This was a lovely idea that Abbigayle included. We have to write lots of goals on different pieces of paper, fold them up, and put them in the jar. Once the jar is full, once a week, remove one piece of paper and try to attain that goal in that week. That way you will constantly be moving forward in your blog and in social media, because that plays such a vital and important role in promoting your blog.

This gorgeous photo and pencil from Dottie Rocks.

The lovely people at Lush in Birmingham sent us this big bag of products. I love Lush and their products, so this was gratefully received.

A gorgeous smelling hand cream and lip balm from Bee Good. I love natural products as they are just so much better for you than chemically saturated ones.
Look how cute this statement necklace is. It would look fantastic with a white tshirt and blue jeans and a black blazer.

You know me and my brushes, a girl can never have too many, so this brush will come in very handy.

 Sampler perfumes from Colour Me Fragrances.
Last of all, we got a lip balm and some soap from Harlequin cosmetics. An entirely natural range of products, and the company is based in Birmingham.

Thankyou so much to Abbigayle for allowing me to take part in this wonderful meet up, and to the other girls who were there for making me feel included and making the day so special, last of all a big shout out and thankyous to the companies who sent us things to be tested.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Till next time,


  1. It so cool to be able to do events like that! I hope you get invited to tons more!


  2. Wow that's one hell of a goodie bag!


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