Sunday, 21 September 2014

Get Healthy Weeks 3-6 :My Struggle

Hi everyone. I appreciate I have been lacking on these posts for the past 3 weeks. To be honest, I have really been struggling with my diet. I really thought when I started this, that because it was structured and I know that I have got to lose weight, that I would be more motivated to stick with it and stay on track. But it has been totally the opposite. The more the weeks have gone on, the harder I am finding it to not eat more and more bad things. I am really starting to crave all the things that I have given up.It is as if my mind is trying to conspire against me.

With Slimming World, you are allowed 15 syns, and so you can have naughty treats, like biscuits and cakes but the minute I eat one, I want another and another. So I stopped having my syns and now I am just craving EVERYTHING. The week I was poorly with my arthritis I did put 1 and a half lbs on, which was devastating to me and I really felt like I wanted to walk out of class and never come back, but my friends in class all persuaded me to stay and our consultant Nikki, really tried to reassure me, that sometimes gains were in inevitable and that I just needed to try and get back on track and keep going.

Last week, I lost one pound and so my total loss in 5 weeks has been 7 and a half pounds, which isnt bad, but is not good either. It is so hard, when you know you need to lose the weight but inside, part of you just wants to go back to the old me, and enjoy food again. Deep down, I am not sure I can carry on with this diet, but I will try as I know I have to do this for my health but I still miss my Greggs cakes, and baguettes and cheeseburgers, and curries. Yes, the meals I have been cooking were really nice and tasty but they dont compare to my old meals.

I wish there was a magic machine that could get rid of all the weight, so I could eat normally again but that is not going to happen.To think I have got to be like this for the rest of my life is so depressing to me, food is a constant battle in my mind and I feel like I am torn in two every day, deciding whether I can conquer the food demons that constantly surround me. I guess it is just a case of taking it minute by minute, hour by hour and just trying the best that I can.

Well, that is my post for today. I will try to be better at posting my diet journey weekly, and if you have any tips for me to help me, please let me know in the comments below, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love and Hugs.


  1. Honestly, losing 7 pounds in 5 weeks is incredibly good! The general rule for healthy weight loss (since you don't want to lose too much too soon) is one-two pounds a week. So, you are doing great girl! I know that if you look around on the internet, I am sure you can find some healthy alternatives to your favorite meals...maybe look into that. I eat mostly vegetarian/vegan, so I had to look a lot of recipes that good substitute for my fave meat and cheese dishes. The important thing is not give up. And don't get discouraged if you gain a pound or two at times, it's normal for our weight to fluctuate depending on various things. If you can, maybe stay off the scale and let how your clothes fit be your guide? And always remember - healthy is matter what the weight. We are all uniquely built and what weight looks good or is considered healthy for one person may look sickly on another. I hope you stay on your path because you are doing great! :-) xx

  2. Thankyou Sabrina. Your advice is very helpful. It is so hard when you see people eating boxes of chocolates, and fish and chips and takeaways, that i immediately want them too. I guess it is going to take many years of training my mind and body, that I really dont want them. Thankyou for your support, it truly means a lot. xx

  3. 7lbs is great! Sorry you're not feeling great about the diet. Sounds to me like you've already given up if you're thinking you won't be able to stick with it much longer. Have you tried something different to Slimming World?

    I know it would never work for me because working out the syns and writing everything down and adding it up just seems like too much hassle, haha.

    Corinne x

  4. Seven pounds is really good! I know what you mean, the more I feel like I'm on a diet the more I want to eat haha! Just try and make healthier choices each time you eat, and don't punish yourself if you slip up. Losing weight slowly is better than not losing weight at all :)

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