Sunday, 14 September 2014

Make up products to match the colours of Autumn

There is nothing better I think, than seeing Mother Nature at work. I love seeing all the trees and flowers changing colours, and then walking through all the crunchy leaves that have fallen on the ground. The colours are so beautiful, the reds, golds, browns, all just complement each other and look so pretty, and so it is lovely to be able to incorporate all those different colours into your everyday make up.

This is the Kat Von D Monarch eye shadow palette and it is gorgeous, just look at the orange, gold and brown which are perfect for this time of year. Another cheaper alternative that I found in my collection was the L'Oreal Infallible single shadow.

It is a beautiful shimmery gold shade, and I just think this is a lovely colour to wear when the Autumn mornings are dull and drizzly, and this will really brighten up any look.Another great palette I found in my collection is a very reasonable Maybelline one.

I love changing your make up look with bright colours, because if you aren't feeling brave enough to incorporate the browns and oranges into your fashion wardrobe, then you can stay bang on trend with your beauty regime instead.

It is not only your eye shadows that you can change, but your cheek products too. I absolutely love this Chocolate Soleil bronzer for Too Faced. You can use it by just contouring your cheek bones and really giving you that chiselled, sculpted look, or you can swirl your stippling brush into the powder and sweeping it over your face in a "3" shape to really add some colour and dimension. Another plus factor to this bronzer, which is my favourtie thing about it, is that it smells of real chocolate, and so that makes it a definite winner in my book.

If you are more of a blush kind of gal, rather than a bronze goddess, then this really inexpensive blush from Sleek is a true winner in my book. It is a coral shade, with a little tinge of terracotta running through it, and really buttery soft to apply.

If you don't feel that you want to use these types of colours, and just want to stick with your nude/neutral shades then another way to incorporate the colours into your routine, is by choosing nail polishes with browns, and oranges, reds and golds as your main choices. Below are some brands and colours that I have in my collection.

I know they are all Essie polishes, and they are more on the expensive side at £7.99 a bottle, but for me the quality is amazing and I just think they look sleek and classy on my nail polish rack. I just love that burgundy shade called Recessionista.
The last category I am going to talk about is of course, the lips. This is just one of the easiest ways to incorporate autumn colours into your make up bag. Plums, browns, and deep oranges are really key to your make up wardrobe at this time of year.

I love that some of the best lip products are from the drugstore, and Rimmel 's products really do have the same outstanding quality as you would find from high end brands.I'm loving the mauvey shades at the moment and are a little step up from true nudes if you are not brave enough to fully embrace the deep browns and oranges.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey into incorporating the season into your make up look, and that I have inspired you to embrace colour and not be scared of changing it up a little. Let me know what autumn/fall shades and products you will be using in the coming months.

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  1. I definitely love your palette, it looks gorgeous :) And the red nail polish is adorable

  2. The Kat Von D palette looks amazing! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  3. It is beautiful and so pigmented. x


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