Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nanshy Blending Brush Review

A couple of months ago I was given as part of a goody bag from a blogger meet up, this blending brush from the company Nanshy. I had never previously heard of the brand but like every other beauty enthusiast, I can never have enough brushes in my collection, so this was more than happily recieved. Let's first discuss the brand, Nanshy are a cruelty free brand and so that is a definite big plus in my book, all the brushes that they make are all put together by hand, and have a beautiful pearl like look to their handles. They do lots of other brushes in their range and this brush, the blending brush, that I am going to talk about today costs £5.95 from the Nanshy website. Now, onto the actual brush itself. I like a brush to be quite lightweight especially eye brushes like this one, so that when you are going to be applying the product, you don't have to worry about being too heavy handed with the shadow, and the brush can be lightly swept across the crease of the eye without the colour going to far up into the brow bone area, or down onto the main lid itself.. Now onto the main part of the brush, the bristles. These are very,very soft and are not scratchy at all, which is important on that delicate skin of the eye lid, and they don't pick up too much product when you dip it into the eyeshadow.
The synthetic bristles give a really good smooth application and one of the main factors for me is that the bristles do not shed. Thank goodness, because I have had some other brushes, more expensive than the Nanshy brushes and the bristles fall out all over the place which is not good when you have already applied your foundation and you have eyeshadow brush bristles lying all over your face. This brush is specifically designed for blending out your eyeshadows but, to be honest I have used it for applying my main lid colour, and my brow bone shade, and even gone so far as to use it as my highlighting brush when applying highlight to the tops of my cheekbones. So, as you can see for the amazing price of £5.95 you get a really great brush that is a true multi tasker and I really feel that every girl needs a brush like this in their brush collection. It has really become one of my most used go to brushes every day.

Well, that is it for today. Let me know in the comments whether you own this brush and what you think of it. What other brushes have you got that you think I need in my collection? Please let me know, as I love to read all your comments.

Love and Hugs

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