Monday, 27 October 2014

October 2014 Glossybox

Just look at the packaging of this month's Glossybox, so bright and colourful, that I was really excited to see what was inside and just look at the beauty that was inside.
This is gorgeous. I love the bright colours, and it will look lovely displayed on my dressing table.

Unfortunately, from now on Glossybox won't be including a product details card in the box as they want to be a little more environmentally friendly, which I can totally understand, but I used to enjoy reading the facts and price information about the products. You can still obtain it on the Glossybox website, but to me it won't be the same. First up out of the box was the full size Ciate nail polish in Knickerbocker Glory 012, which is a bright pink shade, a very pretty colour and luckily one I don't already own, due to me purchasing the Ciate nail polish advent calender last year.
Isn't the packaging just super cute? I love that little ribbon.Next up was the Nuxe 24hr soothing and rehydrating fresh mask. It has 50mls of product in and contains 8 different plant milks and orange white flowers, and 90% of all the ingredients in this face mask are of natural ingredients so you know from the start that it is only going to improve the look of your skin as there are no harsh chemicals contained within the mask. You apply the mask all over the face, leave for 10 minutes and then remove. It says to remove with the Nuxe Toning lotion but as I dont have any of that, I guess I will just remove it with a warm muslin cloth.
In the tube you get 50 mls of product, and so because I only use a facial mask once a week, I am sure this will last me a good few months. The next item I picked out of the box was a tiny Rimmel matte BB Cream

This was a little bit of a let down, as it is SO tiny. You only get 8 mls of product in this and so it will not last me very long, 2 make up applications if that I think. But, on the plus side I have always wanted to try it, and this is why Glossybox is so great for me, because it allows you the opportunity to try out products that you have never tried before, and at a great bargain price. The BB cream is supposed to have 9 benefits to the skin when you use it, I dont particularly understand why specifically 9, but if they say 9 who am I to argue. I cannot wait to try this out and do a review for you. Out of the box next was the Flutter Mascara by So Susan.
I have only ever tried a concealer palette from this brand before, which was really good, and so have really high hopes that this will be a fantastic product too.Again, it is another full size product, and so that makes 3 items in the box which are full sizes, and really shows that you are getting great value for money. I love the classy packaging on this mascara, really looks a high end product.
Yves Rocher's perfume in "Quelques Notes D'amour was next and although on my first try at the fragrance I didn't particularly like it as it smelt too strong, but once the initial alcohol smell died down, the lingering sweet scent was really nice, and for a sample bottle you get quite a good amount. It has a subtle scent of roses in it, but not like an old ladies rose scent, but really pleasant to wear.Last but not least was a lip exfoliator from Etre Belle.
Now, I have never really used a lip exfoliator before, as my lips have nearly always been okay. Apart from 3 years ago when I went to Las Vegas and the wind and air was so dry that the skin on my lips was chapped so badly, I had to go hunting round for a lip balm, to try and soothe them. Back here in the UK I don't normally have a problem. But I think I will try this product out before I wear a red lipstick, as this may help the lipstick clinging to any rough patches and making my lipstick look a little messy.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you received this months box and what you got insode yours. I love to read all of your comments.

Till next time,


  1. Thankyou. They are really nice. I love Glossyboxes, and if you aren't subscribed you should definitely give them a try.xx


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