Tuesday, 14 October 2014

September 2014 Empties

I can't believe I had forgotten to post last month's empties. D'OH!!! Never mind, here we are now. A lot of last months empties was dental products, as I really like to ensure my teeth and mouth feel fresh and clean.
Love the Sensodyne Pronamel mouthwash, at £4.99 a bottle it is not the cheapest mouthwash, but it really makes your mouth feel fresh and because I suffer with terrible sensitivity this really helps the enamel stay strong, and the pain is not so bad, if I eat anything too hot or cold.
I like to swap my toothpastes around, because I believe that just like your hair, your teeth can become too used to one product and not work as effectively any more, so I tend to just buy whatever is on offer when I am in the supermarket doing my weekly shop.Last month I recoloured my hair again and I used the Garnier Olia range, as I have really been enjoying the way the colour applies. Some colours, when you apply them, they are just too runny in formula, and they drip everywhere, but the Olia really just stays where you place it with minimum fall down.
Daniel was very keen for me to show that he had his own very empty bottle of bath/shower gel, and so we took a photo and he was very proud that he could put it in my empties bag,and write about it on my blog.

He recieved this for Christmas last year and it lasts ages, he still has another bottle to go though, so you may see that bottle around this time next year. I finished a couple of sample products that I had been trying out, one was the Max Factor Facefinity which I love and have had in the full size for a while now, and the other was the Dior Star foundation, which I really enjoyed using and may well purchase the full size very soon.
I finished off the John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner, which I was glad too as it seemed to last me for ever and I have so many other shampoos and conditioners to work my way through.
Last but not least, I finished up a shaving gel. I really like this shaving gel as it moisturises the skin so well, and leaves your legs feeling silky soft and smooth.
I hope you have enjoyed this very forgotten about post, and let me know what you have managed to use up in your beauty collection.

Love and Hugs.


  1. Aww I love the cute spider man bubble bath! And I love how proud he was to put it in your empties! Lovely post xo


  2. Thankyou for reading, I am glad you enjoyed it. xx


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