Sunday, 5 October 2014

Younique:- Will My Dream Come True

Hi everyone. If you have been a reader of mine for a long time, then you will know that I suffer from bad health and it has long been a dream of mine to be able to earn a living from doing a job from my own home. Since being a single mom though that has not been an option at all, and I have had to battle through day after day going to a job, that literally kills my back and legs, but I have to do that job, because I am the breadwinner for my son.

Don't get me wrong, I have looked for other jobs, but I am either not trained for them, or the hours do not suit because I have to revove around school hours and also I cannot do full time because of my health. I get so very tired just managing to scrape through the 4 hours a day I am currently doing. So when I started this blog I was really hoping that it would become a big thing, and it might be the way for me to be able to earn my living through writing this blog. It was not the main reason for writing it, but the factor was there.  I love my blog and it doesnt matter that I dont earn money from it, so I will carry on writing it in the future, I love the interaction through my readers and the lovely fellow bloggers I have been so lucky to meet and make friends with.

Time is inevitably moving on and my health is still a very big issue. So, when an opportunity presented itself on Wednesday evening for me to join a company where I can try to earn a little bit of money through my own home, then I jumped at that chance, and that company is Younique.

It is an American make up brand and they are huge in the US, and have launched in the UK last week. From November 1st, I will be selling their amazing 3D Fibre lash mascara, and the amazing eyeshadow pigments and lipglosses and lots of their other amazing products in their range. I am really hoping that this will be my big chance at achieving my goal at being a stay at home mom, but having an income coming in too.
I am being sent my kit through this week and so I will be doing a lot of posts on their products and reviewing them for my readers. I really hope you will enjoy the new series of posts that I will be doing and that you will like to try them for yourselves.

If my American, Canadian and Australian readers are interested in purchasing some of the Younique products then I would love it if you could pop along to my website and have a look at the gorgeous products that they sell. My UK friends can purchase from November 1st.

My website is :-

If this new challenge does not work out, then, hey ho, I tried, you dont get anywhere in life if you dont even attempt it. But I have everything crossed that I will succeed.

If you would like to join my team, to promote Younique as well, please email me at and I will only be too happy to talk to you about it. Or message me over Facebook or Twitter too.
Till next time,


  1. Good luck achieving your goal/dream girl! I am trying the same thing by working for Avon. I will also pray about it for u doll! Xo

  2. Thankyou Julie. I hope you reach your goal too. I will pray for you and hope that what we want comes true. xx Thankyou for reading xx


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