Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fantasy by Britney Spears review

I know, I know, it is a celebrity perfume, we are bound to hate it right?!? This is so not the case with this darling of a fragrance from the Britney Spears range. Fantasy was the second release from Britney, and for me the best out of all of those that she has produced.. It is very sweet smelling perfume, which I tend to prefer in my perfumes, but it is not that strong that it will give you a mind bending migraine, but it is fragrant enough that when you spritz this over your neck, wrists and clothes, people will definitely comment and ask "What perfume are you wearing?" and when I reply it is a Britney Spears perfume, everyone always tends to look very shocked, that a perfume from someone in the public eye would actually release a perfume that smells so good.

Just look at the bottle, bright pink in colour with lime green dots sporadically placed all over it. The neck of the bottle is just beautiful too, with little pink crystals encrusted all over it. I think with the look of the bottle, that any teenage girl would love to have it on their dressing table, but then a middle aged lady like myself also loves to display it on her vanity table. I bet you are thinking that it is expensive because it is a celebrity fragrance, it really is not. For 100mls of eau de parfum, it costs £19.99 in some retail outlets. Now for me that is a huge bargain, because this bottle will last you so long because once you have sprayed it on yourself before work, you can still smell it on your clothes when getting ready to go out in the evening.

I totally recommend you trying this perfume out as it really is a beautiful fragrance and for that price, how can you go wrong, and would make an ideal gift for any girl/womans Christmas present.

I hope you have enjoyed this post,feel free to let me know if there are any other perfumes you would like to me to review and I will certainly do that for you.

Till next time


  1. I love this perfume, it's one of the best celebrity fragrances out there! I do love Midnight Fantasy more though. :)

  2. Midnight Fantasy is beautiful too, really impressed with Britney's perfume range, and where I work Midnight Fantasy is on special offer now too, might have to purchase that again soon.


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