Friday, 28 November 2014

My First Make Up Revolution Haul

For months and months, if you have been  prowling the internet you will no doubt have heard about the brand Make Up Revolution. Bloggers, and YouTubers alike have been going crazy over the amazing colours of the eyeshadow palettes,how they are so inexpensive and how they are dupes for some of the more High End palettes. They also have been raving about their lipsticks only being £1!!! Yes you heard me right, a highly pigmented lipstic range for a mere £1. I was determined that I was not going to cave, and buy more products from a brand that I did not know all that well. But, after weeks of "Shall I? Shan't I?" pondering, I finally caved and purchased a 100 eyeshadow palette, a gorgeous  Halloween style palette, a highlighter, which is simply stunning, and a beautiful Berry coloured lipstick, which is so perfect for the trends at the moment.

It is beautiful to apply, and looks absolutely stunning. I think everyone of any skin tone could wear this shade as it is so universally flattering, and to be honest is a great dupe for Mac's Rebel lipstick and to be honest I think the name of the Make Up Revolution lipstick kind of gives the game away with this lipsticks name "Rebel With A Cause"

This is such a beautiful highlighter, and really gives the top of your cheekbones a beautiful sheen without making you look like a total glitterball. The shimmers are not too chunky either and so the effect is much more subtle than you get with some much more expensive highlighters. I also think that this product would look great, used as an eyeshadow too, as it could be a quick one sweep across the lids look, and you are done.Now onto the things that I am in love with the most, and that is the two eyeshadow palettes. Please do not ask me why I decided to buy another palette when I had already purchased the 100 eyeshadow palette, because anyone in their right mind, would know that it will take, months, no lets face it years for me to go through all those colours, but the eyeshadow addict within me, just kept whispering "I need it, I need it" and I just caved.

Look how beautiful this palette is. I have not used it yet, but once I have I will do a full review, on how they wear,swatches of all the individual colours, what the pigmentation is like, and my overall thoughts, but my first impressions are all positive. I love that there is a good mix of both shimmer and matte shades, so there is something to suit everyone.

 The Nudes part of the palette

The Smoked part of the palette. To be honest, this photo does not do the shimmers in the palette justice. When certain colours hit the light, the shimmer and shine you get off them is phenomenal and really blew me away when I first saw it. As with the other palette, I will again do a full review and demonstration of all the beautiful swatches.

Now onto prices
Highlighter - £3.00 and comes in 3 shades pink, peach, and golden.
Lipstick - £1.00 and comes in 36 shades.
100 eyeshadow palette - £12.00
Give Them Nightmares Palette - £6.00

See what I mean about bargains, the prices are so low, it is shocking. Fantastic products and I cannot wait to review them for you. Let me know in the comments what other products from the range I should try, and I will definitely do that. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time,

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