Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Snow Fairy Shower Gel by Lush review

At Xmas time the best place to find festive bathtime products is at Lush. They re release limited edition products that you can only find at this time of the year. Snow Fairy shower gel is one of them. Now when I was younger, I could not stand the smell of the Lush stores, even just from just walking past them, so there was no way you would have found me even contemplating walking in there as it would have resulted in giving me an ear splitting headache. But about 18 months ago, I decided to brave the smell as I had heard so many people raving about Lush and their amazing products, and how right they were. Ever since I have been addicted and everytime I go to town, I have to make a visit to the Lush store. Lush's products are fantastic,I have tried lots, from face toners, to soaps, to bath bombs to shower products and the Snow Fairy shower gel is one of my very favourites. I just have the miniature bottle at the moment, but don't worry I will be stocking up on the full size very soon. After purchasing a bottle of Snow Fairy last year, and falling in love with it, I just knew I had to repurchase it, when I received an email from Lush, stating that their xmas products were now in store.

It is housed in a plastic bottle, which is fantastic as it can be recycled and all of Lush's products are made by hand using the freshest products and it even comes with a use by date and a manufacturing date too so that you know it is as fresh a product as can be.
The main body of the shower gel is pink and when you catch it under the light it has a tiny little bit of sparkle within it, so it is sure to please any young girl when finding this as one of their xmas presents. The smell, is very sweet and is quite reminiscent of the pear drop sweets and also has a hint of banana to it, as my little boy came up the stairs and said to me this morning "I can smell bananas mom, where is that nice smell coming from?", and it was from the bathroom where I had only just got out of the shower after using it.
The bottle comes with a dispenser which makes the shower gel easy to dispense onto your sponge/flannel. You only need such a tiny amount and it bubbles up beautifully. So if you like your shower gels to really lather up, then this is the shower gel for you.
It costs £3.75 for a 100ml bottle which is a fantastic price I think for a beautiful product like this, that only is released once a year, so if I were you and you have not yet tried it, I really think you need to, or at the very least add it to your Christmas wishlist.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments if there are any products that you would like me to review for you, and I will certainly do it.

Till next time,


  1. This looks amazing!!!

    Serene xox

  2. It is lovely. Thankyou for reading. xx

  3. This looks lovely and at such a great price it may have to go on my Christmas list! :)

  4. It is beautiful. You definitely should put it on your list. I am sure you will love it xx

  5. I used to be the same, I found the Lush smell extremely over powering and couldn't go in - glad I got over that one! Snow fairy is like the perfect scent, I love it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  6. It is a perfect fragrance isn't it? Nearly ran out now, so definitely need to get more .


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