Saturday, 13 December 2014

Luxury Christmas Outfit Accessories feat.

This blog post is something I have never written about before, and that is jewellery. I was thrilled when 2 weeks ago, an online jewellery company reached out to me and asked me if I would write an article on some of their products and how you could use them to incorporate into your party outfit wardrobe. Vashi are experts in jewellery and especially in diamonds and they deck out celebrities with hand picked jewellery to use when they are walking down the red carpet.This season is the time when we all bring out our glittery outfits and cocktail dresses and really go to town with glamorous looking make up. But all too often we just use costume jewellery to finish an outfit and I want to show you some investment pieces of jewellery, that would never date or go out of style. These pieces will add style and elegance to whatever you are wearing. The first item I wanted to show you was
a diamond cluster necklace, that I think would look beautiful with an elegant cocktail dress or a more casual look, with it resting on a black top and just adding a touch of sparkle to the outfit, and would look lovely glimmering away in the candlelight.This is priced on their website at £399, originally at £499, so saving a massive £100. Next up I wanted to show you a stunning pair of earrings.
Pearl earrings are a total classic and a definite must in any girls jewellery collection. These are not just any old costume jewellery pearls, these are freshwater, handmade pearl earrings, set in 18K white gold.They look smart, sophisticated and can really pull a whole outfit together. Whether wearing a casual sweater and jeans on Xmas day or a long ball gown to an evening do, the pearls just would really add a touch of chic to the outfit, and I also love the way the diamonds are placed at the top of the pearl adding just a touch of sparkle, to really help catch the light.With a butterfly fastening to, you know these would be securely fastened when you put them in. At £299 these are a true investment piece that I'm sure would be handed down generation to generation, as they are just so beautiful.

For me, at Christmas time, I like to incorporate the true christmassy colours into my outfit, so colours, like reds, golds, and greens all are colours I look for when choosing new outfits. If I cant find an outfit in those colours, I like to use jewellery with little hints of those colours in, and the pendant shown above is just perfect. Not too large, that it would look over the top, but worn with a crisp white blouse, or a smart evening dress, this would look so pretty and festive, matching in with the colours that surround us at this time of year.Again, this pendant is in 18K White gold and so you know these pieces of jewellery are made with the highest craftmanship and real care is taken in the making of each piece so they will last for a lifetime. This pendant again is at £299.
Here are some ruby stud earrings surrounded in the crisp white diamonds, with a butterfly clasp. These are gorgeous and totally suitable for the works xmas party, or if you are going to an important event, where you instantly want to look elegant and pretty. Again, wearing these with the hint of the ruby red really helps to tie into the colours of the season. These are a little more expensive at £479, but they are reduced from £599, so saving £120, which is great when you are trying to buy more high end pieces for your jewellery collection and knowing you have saved yourself a little cash.One of my favourite pieces from the whole collection is this next ring, which I am totally in love with, and will definitely be saving up to get myself as it is so pretty
Isn't it beautiful? I just love the simplicity of it, I love the diamond flower detail, and makes it so feminine and girly, which I love. This ring is set in 9K white gold, and is £379, which I think is quite a good deal, for a ring, that you will wear constantly whether just on a working week day, or out at a party. It is such a versatile piece, and whether you are in your teens or your seventies, this ring will suit everyone.

In writing this piece feat. I just want to make it clear that I have not been paid in anyway or given anything in return for writing this post. I just really wanted to showcase and their beautiful high end jewellery.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I just want to thank for allowing me to showcase some of their beautiful products.

Till next time,

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