Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Soap and Glory Limited Edition Box Set 2014

Every year without fail, I have to treat myself, when Boots have their star gift of the week. I wait for one of my favourite brands, Soap and Glory to release their limited edition gift box. This is highly anticipated every time it is released, and you have to act fast, and be on the ball to get yourself one. So on the morning it was released I was up at 6 am, and online to make sure I guaranteed myself one. I panicked the first time as my order would not go through and i was convinced that they were all sold out, but second time lucky the order went through and I breathed a sigh of relief.Normally these sell out like hot cakes, and this year was no exception, I think they had sold out online within 6 hours!!!

Unlike previous years, this years box had 2 different designs, a pink and yellow flower type of design if you purchased the box in store, or the leopard type print if you ordered online. I thought the online version was much more me, so went for the leopard print design. Once the lid of the box was removed, all of the products were housed in a pink linen cloth bag, with a  black drawstring ribbon.
A different inclusion in the products were facial wipes, which have not been in any of the boxes before and I have loved using these in the past, but found them extremely difficult to get hold of and so stopped using them.
I have grouped the similar products together so this post is not too photo heavy. Let me just say that I love the Orangeasm body wash, as that is what I am using in the shower at the moment and it is just so clean and zingy smelling that it really wakes you the morning. I have never used the Whipped Clean and so cannot wait to try it out, I am sure it will be just as luxurious and beautiful as all of the other Soap and Glory products I have tried before. The Sugar Crush Body Scruc is amazing and smells even more refreshing (if that is even possible) that the Orangeasm body wash. The granules in it are really small too, so it does not srcatch or irritate your skin whilst using it. I hate it when scrubs have the large grains in them and they really hurt when you try to apply the scrub to your body.
Heel Genius is a lovely foot cream, and really leaves your feet super soft, especially if you use it at night, apply a thick layer over your feet, then put on cotton socks and go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning your feet are so incredibly soft and silky feeling. The Righteous Butter is a holy grail body butter for me. It is beautiful. A lot thicker than your average body lotion but oh, so luxurious feeling, especially when you know it is a relatively cheap drugstore price point. Everyone should definitely try this body lotion out. The Hand Dream I have never tried before, which is nice as it allows you to have the tried and trusted in your collection but then allows you to try new products too. Just look at the size of the Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion!!! It is huge and will definitely last me several months using it every day. See what I mean, this box is such a great deal for your money, as the size of the products in there are all full size, for such a low price.
The two make up items in the box, are the Thick and Fast mascara, which I will be honest, I have not loved in the past, but I am willing to give it another try and see if I can get a better effect with it this time. The Soap and Glory lip glosses are incredible, and this will be my third tube. They are very plumping and do make your lips tingle when wearing it, but the tingle dies down after a few minutes.
Here is another look at the design of the box. Isn't it just so cute and vintage looking. I love it so much.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, if you havent already tried the  Soap and Glory range then I highly suggest you do, they are such lovely products.

Till next time,

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