Sunday, 28 December 2014

What I recieved for Xmas 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. In this post I thought I would talk to you about the lovely presents and gifts I recieved from my family.On Christmas Day I was spending the day at my parents house and at 10.30 my dad took me to their house. Daniel was at his dad's house till 3 pm and so I was missing him very badly.

When I got to my parents house, it was such a Christmassy atmosphere with everyone opening presents, wrapping paper everywhere and Christmas Carols playing on the stereo. It was so lovely being with family and spending time together.  Daniel had given me a Hot Chocolate mug with it's own little sweater on it and a sachet of hot chocolate with it. Which I have since drunk and it was delicious. It even came with it's own little whisk too. He also got me a top from Next (with a little help from my mom) which is gorgeous and I will get lots of use out of in the warmer months.

Off my nan and parents I recieved money,  a beautiful pink jumper which I cannot wait to start wearing, some thick socks, as my feet are always so cold.Some gingerbread Yankee candles, some felt tip pens, which I will get a lot of use out of as I love to colour and The Wizard Of Oz dvd, as I had lost my previous copy and it is one ofmy favourite films of all time. I also had chosen a new winter coat when we had been to Not cutts Garden Centre a few weeks before. It is bright pink in colour, and will definitely help me to stand out from the crowd.

Off my sister I was especially spoiled, I felt so bad as I had not got her as many presents as she had got me, and I know its the thought that counts but it still made me feel terrible. She gave me a Gordon Ramsey cookbook, which I loved as I have started to cook from fresh rather than relying on microwave meals, and I am really enjoying it. There look some amazing meals that I want to try out in the new year.

 One thing that I was surprised by, and had never seen anything like it before was a hair band bauble that you could hang on your xmas tree and use it as a decoration as well as a present. It did look so pretty with the gold and silver.

Normally every Xmas, I recieve a lot of beauty items, but this year I only recieved the one and it was a Bare Minerals set, and it looks gorgeous and I cannot wait to try it out. Don't worry, I will definitely do a review of it once I have used it a few times.It had a blush, lipgloss, powder and concealer in side. The lipgloss looks a lovely colour, and I love their lipglosses so I am sure I will love this one too.
My partner purchased some Younique make up brushes which I forgot to photo, and they are lovely and soft, which really help to apply the make up smoothly. I love them. His mom bought me a lovely candle from Avon.

Such a pretty colour and by the size of the candle, will no doubt last for many weeks. I also recieved many boxes of chocolates and biscuits too, which I am going to try and limit how many I eat every day, because I am still on my Slimming World lifestyle. I was very lucky to recieve so many lovely things and am very thankful to everyone.I hope you all had a lovely time too. Let me know in the comments below, what you recieved for Christmas or if you have written a blog post about your gifts, please leave your link below and I will be only too happy to pop along to your page and read all about your special day.

Love and Hugs

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