Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Haul feat. Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Dior, Bobbi Brown and Nars

I had not been shopping in a couple of weeeks, no make that 3 weeks, which is incredible for me, and so Saturday I jumped onto the bus and headed into Town, and into one of my most favourite stores, Selfridges.I love it in there because all of the counters are in one area and so you don't have to walk to different department stores to find what you need. First off, I popped along to the Urban Decay counter as a good friend of mine had recently started working there and so wanted to see her and check out the new Naked On The Run set. It is gorgeous and has eyeshadows, blush, highlight, bronzer, lipgloss, eye pencil and a new mascara in. I just had to get it.

I have not tried them as of yet, but the eyeshadows look beautiful.. I have tried the mascara though and it is a great product and really darkens and volumises your lashes for a really striking look.
Then I popped to the Laura Mercier counter as everyone raves about the Plumberry lip liner and I really wanted to add this to my lip liner collection.

This liner is beautiful, and is creamy and soft to apply. I have worn this under my Burberry Rose wood lipstick and it really helped the lipstick to stay longer and not bleed out of my natural lip line. I am going to be doing another Get Ready With Me post this week and I will show you how I have been using it. Bobbi Brown was my next port of call, and I had 3 things on my shopping list from there, the Golden Light bronzer which I have seen in tutorials on YouTube and looks beautiful, and then 2 eyeshadows, in the shades Camel and Toast.

I already own two other Bobbi Brown shades which I have had for a couple of years, and they are regularly in my everyday make up as they are just staples which add to any make up look. They are Bone and Taupre, but the two I purchased Saturday are much warmer in town and will look great worn either as an all over lid colour or just to warm up the crease.Then it was off to Nars. I will say that the staff here are much like the staff at Mac and are too busy talking to offer you any really good customer service, but I persevered and stood waiting for 10 minutes and then walked up to the assistant and broke into her conversation and asked if she could help me. Normally I dont do that, but I was determined that I really wanted the Nars Frivolous lip crayon, and eventually she served me. I will say through the transaction the girl was very nice and pleasant to speak to, so that kind of made up for being ignored for the first 10 minutes at the counter. This lip crayon is gorgeous.

It is a "my natural lip colour but better" kind of crayon and so there is not a lot of colour to it, but it is the glossy finish to your lips when worn what sold the product to me. It is a stunning look to your lips when applied, and so comfortable to wear, so if you are in the market for a new lip product, I would put this high on your list to purchase soon. The last counter I went to was Dior, and the lady there could not have been more helpful, I wanted a lip liner in the colour "Airy Mauve" and luckily enough I bought the last one. She said everyone had been going crazy over this pencil, and so I was very relieved that I was able to get one. I could not believe it when I opened the box too, as it comes with a little pencil sharpener and a brush on one end of it,to brush and blend the colour over your lips. A total bargain in my opinion to get those extras with it.

It is a pinky/plum shade, and is a beautiful colour. Well, that is the end of my haul. I seem to be going through a little bit of a lip liner frenzy at the moment but they are all just so pretty and I am so glad to have them in my collection now and I know I will get a lot of use out of them. I have started to sell some of my products that I have not used at all, or only used once, on my Ebay so that the products don't go to waste and just sit in a drawer doing nothing.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments what you have been hauling lately.

Love and Hugs,

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