Saturday, 10 January 2015

December 2014 Empties

As you can tell from the photo, last month I hardly finished anything up, as I was using all different products and brands. But this month I am going to really work on certain products to reduce my collection down some more. I am especially bad at hoarding hair care products and have drawer after drawer of products especially conditioners.
I am totally loving these Nivea facial cleansing wipes. They are so good at removing my make up, even hard to remove mascaras, so much so that I bought 3 more packs of the wipes, so I dont run out. They are very gentle and I should imagine would be suitable for those of you with even the most sensitive skins. These are a good combination of the wipes being a little dry, but with enough water to wet your skin. I hate wipes that are sopping wet and you can see the liquid in the bottom of the pack, that you need a towel to dry your face afterwards.
Another product that I would say is one of my holy grail products is this Tresemme conditioner, I love it. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny and does not make your hair feel like it is all weighed down with product. The only downside to the Tresemme bottles is that they are just so hard to get every last drop out of the container as the bottles are so hard to squeeze, but I still love the brand.
For me this was a relatively new discovery at my drugstore, and thought I would try it out as I know how good Keratin oil is for keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy. To be fair, it was a nice product, but not one I would go out of my way for in purchasing again. Like every month, I again used up a toothpaste. With toothpaste I am not very loyal to any one particular brand, and so just tend to pick up whichever one is on offer at the time.
Amazingly, this month I actually finished up a mascara! Yes, I know I was shocked too, but at least I've got another 70 to work through, lol. (only joking, its about 40!)
This Max Factor mascara was brilliant. I really enjoyed using it, it gave great thickness and darkness to my lashes and did give great volume. If you want a great mascara at a great drugstore price, then this one is a great option to go for.

I hope you have enjoyed this post talking about my products that I used up last month. Let me know in the comments which products you have used up too.

Till next time,


  1. I need to try a Max Factor mascara one of these days!

  2. They are really good mascaras. x


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