Saturday, 3 January 2015

First Brimbles Box Unboxing : Stationary Subscription Box January 2015

During my time in the social media world, I have come across some really lovely people, whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. One of those people is a lady named Anna Brim. She makes amazing videos on YouTube all about Filofaxes, and planning and art and everything creative. This is how I first came across her, as I was interested in purchasing a Filofax and spotted one of Anna's video's and ever since I have been hooked. Well, recently Anna announced that she would be creating a monthly subscription box called a Brimbles box, and would contain everything to do with planning and stationary.

I just knew that I had to subscribe and even subscribed whilst still only halfway through the video, that was how much I knew I wanted to get this box.Well, today was the day my Brimbles box arrived and just look how beautiful it was all packaged. This box's theme was to "reach for the stars" and it was so inspirational to read Anna's message on the card in the box.
I love how all the tissue paper, and the paper bag are all colour co ordinated, and I think tie in with the theme of  reaching for the stars. The box was jam packed with products. Everytime I thought I had nearly reached the bottom of the box, there was something else in there. It felt a little like a Mary Poppins bag where you could reach in and never feel the bottom.
Anna is a fantastic artist and even creates and designs her own planner dashboards and filofax pages and has her own Etsy shop, under the name of Mrs Brimbles. The picture above is the dashboard that was included in the box and was created by Anna. How beautiful is that?!? Again, tying in so well with the theme of "reaching for the stars."

As I reached into the box, golden stars all were falling out as well, so pretty and it is the little touches that I think really make the box feel so personal. Just look at the beautiful planner charm, a tiny star and moon. It is simply stunning and I cannot wait to attach this to my filofax.
I love this notebook, and the quote on the front is so inspiring and encouraging. I am going to be using this as my blog planner, to make sure I am more organised and on track. I let my blog slip a little in the later months of 2014, but I want to really get back on track and this little notebook will definitely help me do this.

These pencils are so cute, and I will be using them in the notebook above. I love that they are called "To Do" pencils, and so these will come in so handy for all the lists that I will be making. There are 5 in the pack too, and so these will definitely last a good while. Next out of the box were
some really cute animal stickers to decorate my planners/filofax with. I will admit, I am not the greatest at decorating things and making things look pretty, but hopefully these will add some decoration to my diary pages. I am always writing things on bits of paper from around the house and then when it comes to finding that information again, I have invariably lost it and so I was thrilled when I found these funky paper clips in the box. So these can help me keep all those little bits of paper in my planner, and I won't lose them ever again.
I love their bright colours and their cool designs. Last in the box was a pencil case which I am going to be putting my favourite pens, the pencils I have received in this box and other planning necessities into and then putting it into my handbag as Im forever searching for a pen, and never have one when I need one, and so this way I will always be organised and have pens available.
I am just so impressed with this subscription box and I cannot wait to start using all of it. If you are interested in watching Anna's videos then go to YouTube and her channel name is Anna Brim. if you are interested in purchasing these boxes, you can either just buy a one off box or a rolling monthly subscription box please visit The one off box costs £18.00 and the rolling subscription box cost £15.00.Each box contains at least the price of the box or more and so you will always know you are getting great value for money.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I totally recommend the Brimbles Box and really hope you try the subscription box yourself.

Love and Hugs


  1. It is a beautiful subscription box. I loved it, you should definitely check Anna's Etsy shop and You Tube channel out. x

  2. Thank you so much I lived reading this and so happy that you liked it too xx

  3. Ohh cool I never heard of this before !. I just adore the notebook with the quote . I love little things like that , that make you smile and make you feel inspired x

    Caitriona | Blog

    1. You should definitely get subscribed to the Brimbles Box, it is fantastic value for money. Quotes like that inspire me too. They lift you up when you are feeling down.

  4. I love the idea of this, stationary is so exciting!

    Alice x
    Sheer Beautiful l Bloglovin'

    1. I love anything to do with stationary, so just knew I had to subscribe to this. Thankyou for reading x


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