Friday, 30 January 2015

January 2015 Empties

This month yet again, I am really trying to keep my buying down to a minimum. Well, let's not say a minimum but I am definitely being more selective of the things I am purchasing. I have found after 3 years of purchasing pretty much anything new that came on the market, I am not doing so any more as I have found that i just don't use them all that often. I use them for the first few days after I have bought them, and then I go back to my tried and trusted faithful products. So I am definitely clearing out my collection and gettting good use out of products that have been in my collection for a while, and then getting rid of them in the bin. So let's see what sorts of things I have finished up over the last four weeks shall we?

This Anovia shower gel I got as a freebie in one of my goodie bags at  the latest blog meet I went to. It definitely smelt of strawberries and blackcurrants and was very nice smelling. As to being moisturising, I can't really say whether my skin felt any different after using than it normally does, so I cannot say that it moisturised well. Would I repurchase it in the future? To be honest, probably not, as I dont think it performed any better than the normal regular bog standard shower gels you get at the chemists/supermarkets.
You all know I love my mouthwash to make sure my breath is smelling as nice as possible, and this is even more important now I am on my Slimming World diet, as there is always onions and garlic in every recipe that I cook, and so i dont want my colleagues to say that I smell of onions and garlic. Will definitely be purchasing this in the future.

This Avon shampoo I bought a while ago, and it had just been sitting in my drawer not being used. It did leave my hair feeling very nice and clean, but I would not say it did anything out of the ordinary to my hair, so I probably would not repurchase this as there are other shampoos which I much prefer.
I have gone through many cans of my holy grail rapid dry top coat spray and I will continue to repurchase this for as long as they still make it, as I have found nothing better to put on my nails after I have painted them to dry them quickly as I am so impatient at having to sit and wait for my chosen polish to dry. I highly recommend this product if you have not tried it before.

Now this next product was a total fail for me, and that is because I just could not get any product out of the botttle at all. It is a miniature shower gel from L'Occitane. I normally love L'Occitane products as they just feel so luxurious but this product just would not come out of the bottle no matter how hard I squeezed the bottle. I guess my hands are pretty weak from having arthritis in them, but even still!!!
Benefit's They're Real mascara is a very good mascara, and this is a sample bottle that I recieved in one of my beauty magazines I bought last year. The only problem is that it can be very difficult to remove with a plain make up remover wipe, and so may be a little off putting for those of you who like your make up removal to be easy and effortless. I will repurchase this in the future but I do have  2 more samples and a full size tube already in my stash, so wont be needing any for a little while.
Last but not least is an eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay. I love this primer, it really helps your eyeshadow stay put and not crease at all. I really recommend this product as it is just great staple in my collection and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for an new eyeshadow primer. Im trying to use up others in my collection but as soon as they are gone, this will be a permanent fixture in my daily routine.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and look forward to reading your comments on how you are doing using up products in your collection.

Till next time,

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