Thursday, 29 January 2015

January 2015 Favourites

Thought I would talk about my favourite products of the past month in this post. My main focus has been on my face products namely my primer and foundation as I have found two products that I have totally fallen in love with. I have dabbled in the past with quite a few primers that have worked really nicely, e.g Benefit's The Porefessional, Rimmel's Fix and Protect, and Maybelline's Baby Skin, but I have found one that has really quickly turned into my holy grail and have used it basically non stop for the past few weeks. It is the Rachel K CC cream.
It goes on white and is quite a thick consistency and so you do have to move quite quickly to blend it into the skin, but then it turns into your natural skin colour. You don't need a lot for the whole face, but I mainly concentrate it over my oily areas mainly my T-zone as that is where I like a lot of coverage from my foundation. It is not siliconey feeling like some of those other products on the market, and does not feel heavy on the skin.
I have used many foundations in the past and often changed them up daily, as I like different looks and products on different days, but this foundation I have been wearing a LOT, and is just fantastic It is quite thick in consistency and you do only need a small amount because if you apply too much it can look cakey very quickly, and so it is better to apply a tiny amount and then increase in small amounts. I use it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it goes onto the skin beautifully. I just make sure that I blend it really well, into my hair line and along the jawline, as you definitely dont want any lines. It is a high end foundation but definitely worth it in my opinion.
Bourjois have some lovely products and this mascara is no exception, it really gives great volume to your lashes from the very first sweep of it, and is a curved brush so gets into contact with even the tiniest lashes on the outer edges that some mascaras just do not reach. It does not flake and just stays put onto the lashes until the time you want to take the mascara off. Often to get volume on my lashes, I have to apply 2 coats to get a dramatic look, but with this mascara you can definitely get away with just one application if you wanted to.

I have really been into either a silvery grey eye shadow look, or into a matte brown smoky eye look, and this is what I have been favouring the last few days. A girl can never have too many brown shadows, and different tones of brown shadows as they are just so easy to apply. This Smashbox Full Exposure palette is really beautiful and has the top row of full shimmery shadows and the bottom row is full of matte shadows. This bottom row is the row of shadows I have been consistently using and concentrating on. I use the 3rd shade from the right as my crease shade and blending out colour. The 2nd shadow from the left as my all over lid colour. Then to darken the look and outer V I use the black on the end of the row to create some depth. This black shadow is SO pigmented that you only have to lightly tap the brush into the pan to get a lot of colour. I then use the cream in the middle to highlight the brow bone and the brighten the inner corners of my eye. The key to this look is to blend, blend, and blend some more as you really dont want that black shadow to be too harsh.

I love this YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick in 15. It is a beautiful peach shade, and is so easy to wear with every look and feels buttery soft and moisturising on the lips. Another fantastic thing about this lipstick is the packaging, I mean, how beautiful is that casing. It looks so ornate and feminine, I definitely think I need to get more of these lipsticks as they are just so easy to wear and apply. You don't even need to wear a lip liner with it if you did not want too.

For concealer, I have been going back to my oldie but a goodie, in the Maybelline Age eraser. This just goes on and on forever and is such an amazing price for a product that is good quality and lasts for years. I use it to cover my dark circles and then set it with a powder to make sure it doesnt crease, and it lasts all day. A really good product.
If on the rare occasions I have not worn my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, it has been the Maybelline Fit Me foundation that has been my go to skin base product. This is much more fluid in consistency compared to the Laura Mercier foundation but gives a truly beautiful appearance to the skin and you can use it with a foundation brush, a beauty blender or just by using your fingertips, it is just so adaptable to what you need. The only downside to this foundation is that they do not do many shades and so you may not be able to get the right shade for you, as this is a little too light for me, but the next shade up is way too dark and so I just use a little bronzer if I need my face just to look a little more tanned.

For me Maybelline are just an amazing brand and I love their products. Non beauty favourites this month have been drinking a nice green tea, I'm really enjoying them at the moment, especially the ones with lemon in, and reading my kindle. It has been so cold here lately, and so curling up in front of the fire, with my kindle and a cup of green tea has really helped me to feel warmer and cosy.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments what your favourites have been this month.

Love and Hugs

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