Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mascara Favourites of 2014

Over the past week or so I have been doing a series of my most favourite products from 2014. I have done hair care, and my favourite nail polishes and today I wanted to show you my favourite mascaras. With me, mascaras are pretty easy for me to choose, I either love them or hate them, as for me there is no middle ground. I like, dark voluminous thick looking lashes and so if this doesn't happen in the first 3 or 4 attempts at using them, then I dont like them. For me, I don't like natural looking lashes, I think if you are going to the effort of putting on macara, then you should be able to tell that you are wearing it. So, the first one I want to talk about is one that I have loved for the past couple of years and that is Maybelline's The Rocket.

It is a fantastic mascara, it is a plastic bristled brush and really gives you great curl to your lashes. This is a mascara that you can just depend on all the time, it is a tried and true product and I would not be without this in my collection.

Look at this dinky little brush. It is Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara, and it is amazing for getting your lower lashes all defined and separated. You can also use this to really get into those tiny corner lashes that some mascara brushes are far too big to get too. I also sometimes use this mascara as a sort of lash comb to separate my lashes if another mascara has clumped them up too much. It really does give great definition.

I have been using Younique's mascara for 3 months now, and I love it. It is called Younique's 3D Fibre Lash and it is a great mascara. The mascara comes with 2 tubes. One is a transplanting gel and another is a tube of fibres. You apply one coat of the gel, then a layer of the fibres over the top and then another layer of gel to seal on the fibres. It is a fantastic mascara for those of you who want the false lash look without all the hassle of the glue and getting the lashes to stick in the first place.  It is £23 and available at . Another favourite is the Bourjois 1 second volume mascara

This is a truly fantastic mascara and because it is a plastic bristled brush it really helps to grip onto the lashes and volumises like you would not believe. They also sell this in a waterproof version too but for me, I struggle to remove the waterproof mascaras and so just stick to the normal standard mascaras. I love that it is available in the drugstore and so it is readily available if you have never tried it before. My last choice but by no means the worst mascara is the Dior It Lash Mascara. This is a really great product. As soon as I first tried it, I just knew I would be using this every day, it astounded me straight away, and I didnt want to use anything else, as it gave me fantastic looking lashes and is the only other mascara that has been given compliments on other than my Younique mascara, and that says it all for me really.

Well, thats all for now. Please let me know in the comments if any of these are your favourites too, and which mascaras are your holy grail products, I would love to know.

Love and hugs.


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