Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My first Sephora Haul

Oh Sephora! You really don't know what you do us beauty lovers who live here in the UK. Hi everyone, today I thought I would talk you through what I purchased off Sephora, and my overall shopping experience with them. First off, I wanted to talk about how tricky buying something from their website is. Their website is like an Aladdin's cave to us Brits, full of brands that we cannot get over here.So I was quite happily just clicking on products, that I was excited to be able to purchase from them for a good 30 minutes,with me thinking "ooh,look at that, I want that" and everything seemed fine until the minute I went to check out. Then BAM! the infamous "this cannot be shipped to your location", appeared. Now I had heard that this had happened to others in the past , so I tried again and still I couldn't get anywhere. Even with samples that Sephora had listed for me to choose from, were not available for my location. I was so disappointed and gave up, feeling deflated and disappointed that Marc Jacobs cosmetics and Hourglass products and others were still out of my reach.

So, the very next day I woke with a renewed purpose to at least find something that I could have, and lo and behold, Too Faced was the brand that I could buy. I know that you can get them over here but we never have the newest releases and so when I saw that I could get the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette, I immediately clicked on it to add to my basket. I loved the original chocolate bar palette,and use it a lot and so I wanted the newer one in the range to complete my collection.

Just look at all the beautiful shades, and as with the original palette, it smells so delicious of chocolate and so if you are a chocolate lover, you will love this palette. I am so excited to see what eyeshadow looks I can make with these shades, especially that gorgeous blue. That would look stunning used as a smoky eyed look, or as a liner. Another product that I was really hoping to try was the Too Faced melted lipstick, as a lot of people have said how beautiful and pigmented they are.They come in so many different shades that it was almost too difficult to pick, until I finally settled on the shade Melted Fig.

It is such a beautiful purple berry shade, and feels gorgeously smooth and creamy on the lips. Really lasts a long time too, and hardly requires any touch ups during the day.The samples I chose were a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in the shade Fearless  and a Philosophy overnight face cream.
 I will say that one of the major plus's  ordering from the Sephora website was the speed of shipping. Normally from the US to UK is average 10 days, my package was delivered within 4 days!!!! I was super impressed with this, and sort of made up from the limitations of what brands you can buy. Overall, I am impressed with Sephora, and although I can't get some of the brands I was after, I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know if you have ordered from Sephora in the past, and what things you have been able to get. I love reading your comments and replying to them.

Till next time,

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