Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Top 5 All Time Favourite Films

Lately, I have been really loving relaxing sitting cuddled up on the settee, with a hot drink, in front of the fire, watching films. I think this started over Christmas, as there were just so many good films on the TV this year. Doing this got me thinking about my all time favourite films and I thought that I would write a blog post all about them.

1) The Wizard Of Oz
What is there not to like about this film. All the characters are just so likeable, and I love how the start of the film is in black and white, and then when the house crashes down on the witch, the whole film changes into technicolour. This film was made in 1939 and for the whole storyline, I feel that the story was well ahead of it's time. My favourite character in it is the Cowardly Lion, and I just love how the moral of the story is based around family and how your hearts desire, can always be found in your family and you home environment.

2)Steel Magnolias
I have loved this film ever since I was a teenager, and I have watched it thousands of times. The cast is full of stars Shirley Maclaine, Julia Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Sally Field, Olympia Dukakis, Dolly Parton. It is all about a town in  America and all the different characters who live there. The main plotline is a about a young girl named Shelbywho is a diabetic,,who gets married, and wants a family, even though the doctors have recommended that she doesn't. Unfortunately Shelby (Julia Roberts) passes away towards the end of the film, and I cry every time I watch it. The whole film makes you cry, laugh, and is such a heartwarming film, that it makes you want to watch it time and again. If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend you do.

3) Frozen
I know this film has only been out a year or so, but I totally LOVE this film and I have now watched it many many times. My favourite characters are Olaf, the Snowman, and Queen Elsa. I just love the way she is just so strong and determined from trying to not hurt those that care for her. I love the bond that she has with her sister Elsa,  and I like the fact that it is the two girl characters who save the day and that it is not the traditional male character that dominates and rescues the princess.

4)Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
I love me a good musical, and especially those older musicals. They are such feel good films, and instantly make you feel good when you watch them. I love the camaraderie between the brothers and I love how Milly takes them in charge and shows them how to be good men, so that the lady folk of the town want to marry them. I love all of the songs, and I love all of the costumes that they wear. My favourite part is the barn building scene, and the dancing is amazing.

5)Mamma Mia
Yes, I know another musical, but it is what I love, and this film is brilliant. I love the plot line, and the cast is just full of stars. Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Julie Walters, Colin Firth. The setting of this film (Greece) is just simply stunning, and instantly makes you wish you were on holiday. I love Abba, and so all the Abba songs instantly make you want to get up and start dancing. The theme of the movie is love and the bond between mother and daughter is beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into some of my favourite films. What are your favourite films?let me know in the comments below.

Till next time,

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