Monday, 26 January 2015

Websters Pages Colour Crush Planner Unboxing

For the past 12 months I have become a little planner obsessed. First it was with Filofaxes, then it was how to decorate them and organise your life, then it was onto different makes of planners, namely Erin Condren and Personal Planner. Not to mention all the little notebooks, and stationary things I have begun to hoard, and then I began a journal too. I love to watch videos on YouTube all about planning and organisation and there are all sorts of wonderful people online out there to help you and inspire you. So, when I realised I had 4 planners for this year, I really did not think that I would need another until I saw a video all about Websters Pages and the new planner they were coming out with. They just looked beautiful, and came in all the different pretty spring and summer colours, pastel pink, sky blue, white, etc etc. Well, that was it, the day they were aired I tried desperately to get my hands on them, all be it a little late on the afternoon,but they were all sold out, I was so disappointed.

But a few days later I went onto the Create and Craft website and lo and behold they had some in stock, and in the colour that I wanted, a beautiful blue/green shade called light Teal. I was so excited and could not wait for it to be delivered, and only 4 days later I had my beautiful new planner in my hand.
Just look at the beautiful box it arrived in, really elegant and classy looking. Then it was time to lift the lid and see my gorgeous new planner in all its glory.
The first thing I saw upon opening the box was a Vellum with the Websters Page logo on.

I love that the planner came with a beautiful little tag, and apparently each different coloured planner comes with a different saying on there. I love that mine says "Create happiness" as that is exactly wjat i am going to try and achieve this year is to try and be more positive about things. So far this year, it has been tough, but onwards and upwards as they say. Also, depending on what coloured planner you choose, you get a different set of pictured dividers, and let me just say how gorgeous and so me these dividers that came with my planner are. Here they are pictured below

 I love this positive and inspiring quote.

All the planners come with a little page of stickers. To be fair, I may not get any use of these as they are far too small, and half of them I can't really see what they are supposed to be. But you never know I may be able to use 1 or 2 of them.
The first thing you see is one large pocket on the left hand side and there are 2 card slots which can be used for bank cards if you are using your planner as a kind of wallet, or a place to keep your business cards or sticky notes.It also comes with a black elasticated pen loop which is great if you are like me and forever losing my pen, so I will always have a pen handy now.
The rings used in the planner are a stunning bright yellow gold and really coordinate nicely with the whole look of the planner.
You get a plastic ruler to help you keep your place in the planner and it is decorated with gold dots all over it. But it does not have any measurements on it. I just love the inserts in this planner, they are just so inspiring and motivational.
There is a section for menu planning, so you can work out what you are going to eat that week,and for writing shopping lists.
You get a month on 2 pages, and so you can easily see what the month ahead holds, and you can plan easily, without scheduling two things at exactly the same time. The sides of some of the pages, have some of the tabs on, so that the planner is split up easily into different sections. "Write it down" "Memory Keeping" "Lists To Love" "Staying Inspired" and "Calendar"

Then you get the week on two pages and so there is plenty of space to write down what you need to day to day.

This planner is perfect for you to write notes on and to write all your memories down. You get a lists section which is perfect for bullet journalling and to do lists. I love this planner and I just know that I will be keeping an eye out as to when they make other things as well. The planner cost me £39.99 and for me that was a really good price for the quality of planner I have recieved. I thought the service and speed of delivery from Create and Craft was excellent too, and there were no problems whatsoever with my transaction. I think the only extra thing I may have to purchase for it in the future are some hole reinforcers as a couple of the holes are beginning to tear and I dont want them all to split, so those will be on my shopping list soon. Overall, I highly recommend this Websters Pages Color Crush planner, I cannot say enough good things about them, and let me know in the comments below if you have one of these too.

Love and Hugs

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